Trump Releases a New Ad Targeting Joe and Hunter Biden, and It's Brutal

AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu


With just two weeks to go before the election, things are starting to heat up. We’ve seen some polls tighten and promising signs in early voting showing that perhaps there is something to the idea that Trump’s turnout will make the difference. Still, there’s a long way to go in political terms and a lot can happen.

Clearly, the biggest issue being pressed by the Trump campaign right now is the corruption shown in Hunter Biden’s emails, some of which appears to directly implicate Joe Biden. Now, the campaign has released a new ad and it’s absolutely brutal.

The ad focuses on Biden’s blatant lie that he had never had a discussion with his son about the sketchy, foreign business dealings that were going on. As the emails now definitively prove, not only was the elder Biden well aware, he even had a meeting with an associate of Burisma. Further, the ad shows newer, even more smoking gun emails that purport to show Hunter Biden saying that his family, including “the big guy,” are getting money from his overseas dealings.

It’s a hard hitting 30 seconds that manages to lay out the most damning details without becoming too wordy or complicated. In other words, it’s exactly what you’d want in a political ad. It’s good to see the Trump campaign finally making hay out of this because it is legitimately a scandal.

We’ll see if Joe Biden ever gets asked about this before the election in a setting where he’s forced to answer, such as the upcoming debate. I certainly have my doubts. But you can bet Trump is going to be ready to bring this up, moderator be damned.

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