Details of '100% Antifa' Portland Shooter's Death Emerge, Possible Large Shoot-Out

Details of '100% Antifa' Portland Shooter's Death Emerge, Possible Large Shoot-Out
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Last night, Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot and killed by federal authorities after evading capture for nearly a week. He is the man who allegedly murdered a Trump supporter in cold-blood while “protesting” in Portland, OR. The original chilling video shows Reinoehl responding to someone saying “we’ve got one over here” by pulling a gun and executing a man in the street at near point blank range.

At first, misinformation spread, claiming the police killed Reinoehl in revenge. That was, of course, nonsense.

In reality, U.S. Marshals moved in to make the arrest after Portland PD and state agencies failed to apprehend him. That ended badly for Reinoehl, who reported pulled a gun and reportedly had a fairly large shoot-out with the authorities.

I’ll note that it’s highly unlikely Reinoehl got off “40-50” rounds before police returned fire, so this is more likely a case where both sides were firing at each other for some period. In the end, it was expected that the suspect wouldn’t go peacefully. He’s already admitted to the murder during a lionizing interview with VICE News (I struggle to include that second word in their title). There was clearly no case for self-defense, as the victim wasn’t even armed. Reinoehl simply executed a man.

One of the big questions here is why the local authorities hadn’t already attempted to arrest this man before he fled some days later. Did the U.S. Marshals tell them to back off so they could track and get him? That’s a possible explanation, especially if he was out of the state earlier than thought. But that still doesn’t explain why the local DA would let this man out of jail despite multiple gun offenses. This murder did not need to happen, and it only happened because left-wing officials unknowingly orchestrated it with their lax, partisan policies on prosecution of “protesters.”

I hope the family of the victim sues the state over this. They deserve an explanation for why Reinoehl was back on the street, and if there isn’t one, they deserve to have that admission made publicly so they can receive restitution. The only way these local prosecutors and politicians that rule these liberal bastions get held accountable is in court.

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