Watch: Ted Cruz Triggers Mazie Hirono So Badly That She Storms Out of the Hearing

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Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, questions Attorney General William Barr as he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, May 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


If you were looking for an example of how vapid and ridiculous many Democrat members of the Senate are, you’d be hard pressed to find a better example than Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono. For years, she’s been held up as the poster child for the lack of intellectualism existent throughout the left’s chosen politicians. Over and over, she’s provided clips of ridiculous, often offensive ramblings. You may recall this is the same woman who proclaimed Brett Kavanaugh guilty until proven innocent and wasn’t aware that crossing the border illegally was in fact illegal.

So when Ted Cruz asked her to condemn Antifa, it was no surprise that she’d do something crazy.

While the beginning of the video shows her walking out, they also include the whole clip after that. What you’ll see is Cruz pressing Hirono to complete the simple task of actually condemning the violence perpetrated by Antifa. Instead of doing so, she eventually gets so triggered that she and her staff storm out of the committee room.

A normal person might be asking themselves why it’s so difficult to just say Antifa shouldn’t burn stuff and shoot people. To a Democrat, it’s like asking them to say something nice about Donald Trump. They simply can’t bring themselves to do it. They are so emotionally and politically tied up in supporting Antifa, that they’ll excuse violence if it means not levying criticism against the group. That’s how you get Jerry Nadler continuing to call the group and its ideology a myth. It’s also how you get the media losing their minds after Kayleigh McEnany played clips proving Antifa exist and are rioting.


The desire to defeat Trump is so strong that there’s no line the Democrats and the media won’t cross. Of course, the hypocrisy is unbelievable. Remember when we had three week long yell sessions on cable news because Trump said he didn’t know who David Duke was? Meanwhile, Democrats refuse to condemn a domestic terrorist group and it’s all gravy.

Ted Cruz had apparently had enough. He wasn’t going to let it go and he shouldn’t have. He did the right thing pressing Hirono here. The fact that she walked out like a child only made his point more stark.



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