Dan Bongino: Sources Say Joe Biden Is Reaching the Point of No Return, Democrats Will Have a Decision to Make

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden gestures while referencing President Donald Trump at a campaign event at the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, July 28, 2020.(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)


Is Joe Biden reaching the point of no return mentally? That’s the word from Dan Bongino, who shared earlier today that he’s hearing from sources close to the situation that Joe Biden is worsening and that Democrats will have a decision to make soon.

For context see Joe Biden’s Brain Crashes So Thoroughly That It Spawns a New Meme and Joe Biden Blanks Out and Then Insults Martin Luther King In Disaster Public Comments for some examples of his latest mind melting moments.

Here’s Bongino’s post.

We’ve all seen how hard Biden’s campaign is working to hide his mental degradation. This is a guy who can’t give a short press conference without a list of hand chosen reporters to call on and detailed notes on how to answer basic questions. Absolutely nothing he does anymore is off the cuff, which is why said press conferences only happen ever three to four months. His speeches are short and even his most scripted moments are painful to watch. He’s been doing live streams from his basement and routinely forgets that he’s talking to a recording. Just the other day, he forgot where he was again, a very common theme from many of his public appearances.


There’s no question that his mind is going and that it is having a profound impact on his ability to campaign. Nothing has saved his presidential run more than coronavirus, which has provided a built in excuse to stay out of normal situations candidates usually face. Can you imagine what Biden would be like if he were expected to actually get out every day and campaign? It wouldn’t be pretty.

Given that, I suspect Bongino is on the money here. The only real question is whether the Democrats will try to ride this out through November or if they’ll make a move to a different nominee. The second option is likely difficult, as there’s noway Bernie Sanders would not accept being the nominee given he came in a solid second place. More importantly, there’s noway his super fans would accept that. The idea that Democrats could cast aside Biden and put up Elizabeth Warren or someone similar seems far-fetched to me.

That leads to me to what I think will happen. I think the Democrats simply ride this out. I think they are so arrogant that they believe Biden can win without having to debate and without having to actually campaign to any degree. But let’s say Biden goes on to win. Then what happens? It’s going to become evident soon enough to everyone that they were taken for a ride and handed a candidate incapable of doing the job simply to get rid of Trump. Will voters respond kindly to being deceived? Will they find it acceptable if there’s a bait and switch via whoever the Vice President is after the election? I have my doubts.


What I do know is that this is going to get ugly. If Bongino is right that Biden is rapidly getting worse and if I’m right that the Democrats will ride this out, it’s going to put us in a situation we’ve never faced before.



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