NYPD Chief Who Knelt With Protesters Ends Up Violently Assaulted By the Mob

NYPD Chief Who Knelt With Protesters Ends Up Violently Assaulted By the Mob
AP Photo/Kevin Hagen


There’s probably a lesson in here somewhere.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan, the highest ranking uniformed officer on the force, was violently assaulted today during a “protest” on the Brooklyn Bridge. This occurred in conjunction with two other officers suffering injury. One of the attacks was caught on video.

Here’s the report via the New York Post.

The city’s top uniformed cop was injured when he was attacked by a group of people who were at a George Floyd protest on the Brooklyn Bridge on Wednesday morning, police said.

Chief of Department Terence Monahan received “non-life-threatening injuries” during the scuffle, an NYPD spokesman said.

Monahan’s finger was broken when he was struck with an object, police said. At least two other officers were seriously injured.

You may remember Monahan from his previous media coverage. He was notably filmed taking a knee with protestors during the height of the unrest which swept American cities following the killing of George Floyd.

James Gagliano didn’t miss that bit of irony.

The attempts to appease “protesters” have yielded little results in these cities. The assault on Monahan is just the latest piece of evidence on that front. For every protester you may get on your side, even temporarily, there’s always someone else looking to cause unrest and violence. Police are not going to retake control of these cities by straddling the line between enforcing the law and promoting their own quasi brand of wokeness. These “protests” blocking streets shouldn’t be allowed at this point. When things get violent, arrests need to be made. Most of all, political prosecutors need to actually do their jobs and put these people in jail.

For the most part, none of that is happening, hence how you get New York’s top uniformed officer beaten up on the street while two more of his officers suffer more serious injuries. Anarchy begets anarchy. There is no middle ground to be had here, no matter how much New York’s leadership wishes it to be so. Retake control of the streets or this will continue, including the massive spike in violent crime the city is suffering under.


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