Watch: Far-Left Minneapolis Mayor Says No to De-Funding Police, Gets Booted From Protest

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Protesters hold signs outside the City Justice Center, Monday, June 1, 2020, in St. Louis. Protesters gathered to speak out against the death of George Floyd who died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers on May 25. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)


You can never be woke enough.

Minneapolis’ Mayor Jacob Frey learned that lesson the hard way this afternoon. After previously standing down for days to appease those rioting and burning his city, protestors turned against the mayor today when he refused to endorse one of the more ridiculous demands being made. Namely, he wouldn’t commit to de-funding the police department.

De-funding the police is an absolutely insane idea, both because of it’s overall infeasible nature and the fact that thousands of black people would end up dead every year as a result. To suggest getting rid of the police department is so counter-productive as to border on parody. Yet, it’s become a mainstream demand at these protests, where you are hearing almost no realistic policy goals in the midst of the sloganeering. Things like ended qualified immunity would actually make a difference, but the temptation for massive overreach has taken over most of the protestors, or at least the people who lead and egg them on.


There is something poetic about seeing a mayor who’s bent the knee, including physically, at every turn still being rejected though. It’s never enough and that should be obvious to any of these Democrat politicians. But they keep trying to out woke each other anyway in what is a vain quest to increase their power.

As I wrote some days ago, none of this is going to get better soon, not because there’s no widespread support for actual police reform, but because those with the loudest voices (i.e. those leading these protest movements) are living in a different reality. Until that changes, we’ll get lots of emotion and no real reforms. Asking for the de-funding of police is a sure fire way to make sure everyone stays in their respective partisan corners. But that’s exactly what’s being demanded. It’s such a waste of a real opportunity.



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