CNN Is Basically InfoWars Now as Don Lemon Has a Mental Break Live on Air

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CNN’s evening broadcasts are typically a lesson is partisan ridiculousness, which would be somewhat palatable if they didn’t pretend that their prime time lineup are unbiased journalists. But last night was different. Last night, we witnessed CNN walk up to the edge of the cliff and jump off with a mixture of hysterical laughter and mumbling about aliens.


CNN is basically InfoWars now.

Case in point? Don Lemon had a mental breakdown on air last night and his producers just let it happen.

This came shortly after a fairly mundane speech by the President in which he warned that he would take action against widespread violence and looting currently hampering many cities. Somehow, that was code to Don Lemon that we are now about to become a dictatorship and that a declaration of war has been made on Americans. This is the kind of delusion that used to get you thrown into a straight jacket, not broadcast on national TV.

Keep in mind, Lemon did not find it tyrannical for the government to forcibly lock down entire states. In fact, his network widely criticized Trump for not violating the Constitution and doing it himself. But now that people who fit his narrative are breaking said lockdowns and rioting, it’s supposedly tyranny to stop them. Try to make sense of that and I’ll check back in a week from now since you’ll still be working on it.

Later, Lemon hosted this insane ranting, which suggested the only way to stop the riots was to arrest “all” police.


No counter was offered, nor did the supposedly non-partisan anchor inject any reality into such a statement of lunacy.

But it wasn’t just Lemon. Throughout the night, CNN basically became social justice performance art mixed with InfoWars style meltdowns.

It was “very nearly drowned out” because CNN chose to raise the volume of the protests in the split-screen to make it seem as though Trump was being yelled over in real life. In reality, it was almost dead quiet in the Rose Garden. Again, nothing you are seeing on this network is real. It’s simply an outlet for delusional rantings in the mold of Alex Jones.

Here’s another example.


It’s not quite theorizing that the government is turning the frogs gay, but it’s pretty close. Trump is not going to nuke protestors, but CNN sees that as a conspiracy worth entertaining. Cooper, like Lemon later in the night, offered no push back on what is clearly hysterical lunacy on display.

You know what, though? Perhaps I’m being too hard on InfoWars. At least they have the self-awareness to go be the fringe outlet they are. What CNN is doing is far worse. If you watched their network last night, you would hardly know that Manhattan was being ransacked and that multiple police officers had been run over by cars before midnight. Those are not stories that fit their narrative, so they’ll just spread conspiracies about dictatorships and nuclear weapons instead.

CNN is not a news network. They are a group of hyper-partisans who have finally lost what little self-control they had left. It’s all downhill from here.



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