The New York Times Shows Their Hypocrisy on Joe Biden's Sexual Assault Allegation and Conservatives React

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden laughs with audience members during a meeting with local residents, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)


Pretty soon we’ll be accused of pouncing, but for now, some conservatives are chiming in to point out the ridiculous amount of hypocrisy shown by how The New York Times “investigated” the new sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

If you haven’t read the details of the Times’ report, RedState covered it this morning. Here’s a now deleted excerpt which got a little too close to the truth for their comfort.

No other allegation about sexual assault surfaced in the course of our reporting, nor did any former Biden staff corroborate Reade’s allegation. We found no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden, beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable

— The New York Times (@nytimes) April 12, 2020

In fact, the Times ended up being tougher on Trump in an article that was supposed to be about Joe Biden being accused of sexual assault. They spent multiple paragraphs going after the President in an obvious attempt to draw a contract. Your basic “yeah, but” argument.

Meanwhile, some conservatives started to make the obvious comparison. Here’s Mollie Hemingway, who wrote a book on how Justice Kavanaugh was treated by the Times and others, reacting.


You may recall that the Times did an entire expose where they treated a Kavanaugh accuser named Ramirez with no doubt at all. At no point did they report they found no real evidence or cast aspersions on her claim. They very much pushed a “believe all women” narrative at the time because it was obviously politically beneficial to them.

Joe Biden is getting none of that treatment. Instead, he’s getting a defense from the Times that you’d expect he’d get from his lawyer. They are so in the tank that they had to delete parts of their article because it wasn’t subservient enough to the former VP. That’s how biased they are.

You know who else won’t try to explain it or question it? The media hall monitors over at CNN. You can expect all the “journalists” to remain quiet. They’ll trash Fox News for the most mundane things, but none of them will speak out against what is obviously a piece more akin to campaign propaganda than an actual investigation.


What this shows it the #metoo movement was a joke. These media outlets and the leftists they cater to were never actually serious. Rather, they saw the movement as a partisan tool. When that tool started to target their own, suddenly “believe all women” turned into what we saw from the Times this morning.

The bad news for Biden is that Trump isn’t like other Republicans. Where someone like Mitt Romney would have let this go, I fully expect Reade to be sitting front row at the first debate. Whether they like it or not, the media are going to be forced to cover this and every bit of obfuscation by them will only hurt Biden more.

2020 is going to be a roller coaster ride. Buckle up.



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