CNN Brings on Dr. Sanjay Gupta to Hype Chris Cuomo's Chest X-Ray, Ends up Getting Fact-Checked by Actual Radiologists

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Chris Cuomo Details His Coronavirus Symptoms

CNN continues to live up to its less than stellar reputation.

If you aren’t aware, Chris Cuomo is currently infected with the Wuhan virus. As part of that story, CNN brought on Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, to “read” Cuomo’s X-rays. He attempted to do just that, pointing to supposed evidence of the virus on live TV.


The problem? It was all fake.

Dr. Folan wasn’t the only one to comment, either. Other doctors also chimed in via replies to point out that his X-ray was indeed normal.

There are two possibilities here.

Either Gupta is just ignorant in regards to what he was looking at or CNN asked Gupta to push incorrect information about the X-Ray on purpose knowing there was nothing actually there. Neither is an especially good look for the liberal news network. It makes it seem as if they value hype more than facts, which is probably an accurate description of their actual mindset.


What’s actually going on with Cuomo is up to his doctors to figure out. I have no doubt he’s actually got the virus. Whether it’s actually been hitting him as hard as he claims is questionable now after this episode of misrepresentation. And honestly, who cares? Why not just tell the truth about the X-ray instead of falsely playing it up? There’s no shame in having the virus but being mostly asymptomatic.

CNN and their hosts may recoil at people who question their credibility, but they own every bit of distrust directed at them. The network continues to show itself more beholden to partisanship and hype than facts. CNN can only blame themselves for that reality.



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