Union Worker Who Was Threatened by Joe Biden Speaks Out, 'He Went off the Deep End'

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)


The union worker who was berated and threatened by Joe Biden in Michigan is speaking out. If you haven’t seen the clips of what happened, be sure to check them out via my previous coverage. Here’s one of them showing Biden threatening to slap the guy.

Jerry Wayne, the man who first confronted Biden about his recent promises to trash the Second Amendment, went on Fox News this morning to tell his side of the story.


Former Vice President Joe Biden “went off the deep end” when accused of trying to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights, said a Michigan construction worker who confronted the 2020 Democratic presidential front-runner on the issue.

In an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Jerry Wayne said that originally he had no idea if Biden was even going to be taking questions when he visited the Fiat-Chrysler auto plant in Detroit on Tuesday.

“I also asked him how he wanted to get the vote of the working man when a lot of us, we wield arms. We bear arms and we like to do that. And if he wants to give us work and take our guns, I don’t see how he is going to get the same vote,” he said.


Wayne continued by juxtaposing his temperament with that of Biden, who responded in a rage at someone simply pointing out facts about his record.

“Yeah, I thought I was pretty articulate and respectful. I didn’t try to raise any feathers and he kind of just went off the deep end,” Wayne explained.

“I mean, I guess technically speaking he can say whatever he wants,” Wayne conceded. “But, he was the vice president. He wants to be the president now. You are a candidate. You work for the American people. And, if you can’t understand that then you don’t deserve to have a leg in this race.”

Here’s the thing Joe Biden doesn’t seem to understand. He doesn’t get to proclaim himself a supporter of the Second Amendment and then berate voters for questioning that proclamation after he promised to appoint Beto O’Rourke as his gun czar. O’Rourke has a long record of extremism when it comes to shutting down gun rights, including wanting to ban nearly all semi-automatic weapons. No one made Biden embrace that platform, but he did. Instead of responding like a lunatic, he should understand that voters will be pressing him on the issue now.

But this is simply part of a larger pattern for Biden. He’s shown himself hostile in face-to-face encounters with voters several times over the last few months. His instinct isn’t to answer questions, but to lose his temper and try to pretend any questioning of him is dishonest. It’s possible he doesn’t have the ability to contain himself at this point, as his mental condition is very much up in the air right now.


As for Wayne, he’d better be ready for the media to dig into every inch of his past. No one can forget the meat grinder “Joe the Plumber” went through after he dared to confront Barack Obama during a campaign appearance. Regardless, I suspect that Trump supporters have noticed the fact that it’s easy to get under Biden’s skin and throw him into an episode. This won’t be the last time this happens.



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