CNN Finds Themselves the Recipient of Woke On Woke Violence

Wokeness was always going to inevitably lead to the Democrats eating their own and the latest example of that comes courtesy of CNN. They decided to run a fluff piece on the heroic actions of five Democrat Congresswomen who back impeachment.


The problem? See if you can spot it.

If you guessed it’s because they are all white, congrats and collect your winnings.

This led to some hilarious pushback because CNN dared to take five minutes off from blobbing over AOC and Rashida Tlaib, who are also big proponents of impeachment.

Here’s The Intercept gnashing their teeth.

Then there’s the other narrative, one in which the media has selected different heroes of the burgeoning impeachment effort — without including the leftist women of color. According to a weekend CNN feature, credit for the impeachment effort should instead go to four freshmen members of Congress — all of them white women with backgrounds in national security work. These women, who rather unbearably call themselves “the badasses,” only came around to supporting impeachment in the last two weeks.

On the air, CNN host Jake Tapper, following up on a Trump campaign adviser’s remarks, questioned whether two early advocates for impeachment — Tlaib and Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, who is black — undermined the seriousness of the pursuit. “Do those members of your party,” Tapper askedRep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich. — one of the “badasses” — on his Sunday show, “undermine the seriousness with which you and other colleagues of yours want to proceed?” (Slotkin simply said she couldn’t speak for others and returned to her talking points.)

Taken together, the picture speaks to an even more grim dynamic: While Trump demonizes Congress’s progressive women of color, CNN erases their work.


White women, am I right?

Just spit-balling here, but perhaps Maxine Waters isn’t getting credit because she’s being calling for impeachment since Trump was elected. That makes her a deadly unserious person that propagated, and continues to propagate a conspiracy theory (Russian collusion). The fact that Democrats have finally found a more palatable reason to impeach for their moderates doesn’t make Waters any less of a clown in her pursuits.

Let them fight I say.

You will never be woke enough and CNN will learn that lesson the hard way eventually. By then, it’ll be far too late to salvage whatever credibility they may have had in the past.


The funny thing is, the fluff piece is actually garbage, so perhaps the wokest of the woke have this one right? These five congresswomen are not brave nor are they making history. They are simply following the herd and realized they couldn’t hold back anymore. And now, if Republicans can get out of their own way for 2020, they will pay the electoral price.


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