Bernie Sanders Jumps the Shark on Border Enforcement

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at rally in Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, April 25, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

The 2020 Democratic primary has devolved into insanity, or perhaps it started off that way? We’ve seen the delusional, dictatorial rantings of people like Beto O’Rourke on guns and Kamala Harris on plastic straws. There’s essentially no level of crazy these people aren’t willing to go to in order to pander to the radical left.


Of course, Bernie Sanders has been doing that his entire life, so it’s no surprise when he keeps the train rolling.

Enter the latest bright idea from a guy so intellectually worthless that he got fired from a commune.

While speaking before a left-wing Latino audience, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pledged to end immigration raids and impose a “moratorium” on all deportations.

“We are going to end the ICE raids that are terrorizing communities all across this country,” Sanders said Saturday in Las Vegas, according to footage flagged by the Republican National Committee. “We are going to impose a moratorium on deportations. And we are going to, as I mentioned — and there are some things that a president can do with executive orders and some things you can’t.”

A moratorium on deportations, eh? Sounds legit. I mean, it’s not like ICE needs to ability to deport criminals who would otherwise remain here committing more crimes, right? This is a level of shark jumping levels not seen since the Fonz took the water that fateful day. It’s like saying let’s close all prisons or stop enforcing all non-violent penal statues (well, Joe Biden did kind of say that).


Even past the rule of law issues, which stand tall on their own, the impracticality of it all sticks out like a sore thumb. Our system is already overloaded. Now, Bernie wants to tell HHS that no one can be deported? Where will they live? Who will pay for them? Never mind that such an action would result in a massive influx of dangerous, un-vetted illegal immigration. The border has just now started to calm down and Bernie wants to fling the door open again and give away free cocktails on the way in. Think of how much that would benefit the cartels and how many women and children would lose their lives with such a policy.

Democrats are going to calling for seizing citizen’s homes to house illegal immigrants pretty soon. I mean, what’s the next logical escalation of their craziness? They already want to give out free healthcare and college. What about free cars? Free phones? It’s as if money has no finite value.

Let’s be real though. This is actually about simply releasing illegal immigrants into the general population with no accountability. Damage to them or others be damned. The Democrats are playing an incredibly dangerous and cynical game. In a saner political environment, they’d be mercilessly mocked for such ideas. Instead, they are lauded by our media. But these are the stakes in 2020 and why seeing that a Democrat isn’t elected is so important.


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