Associated Press Disgustingly Casts Woman Who Got an Elective Late Term Abortion As a Victim

The press continue to disappoint, not just in political terms, but moral terms as well.

Enter the Associated Press, who decided it would be a great idea to run a story (complete with sympathetic video) in which they painted a woman who murdered her 28 month old baby as a victim. No, this wasn’t a case of rape or incest, health of the mother, or any of the other caveats the left love to bring up. She found out she was pregnant and then crossed state lines to kill the baby for purely elective reasons.


The framing here is just disgusting. The glamour shots, the pictures of her thoughtfully staring out windows, as if she’s just overcome adversity. It’s depraved beyond belief.

That’s when the doctor gave her and her husband the heart-wrenching news: The baby boy they decided to name Sebastian was severely underdeveloped and had only half a heart. If he survived, he would need care to ease his pain and several surgeries. He may not live long.

Lunsford, devastated, asked the doctor about ending the pregnancy.

“I felt the only way to guarantee that he would not have any suffering was to go through with the abortion,” she said of that painful decision nearly three years ago.

But the doctor said Alabama law prohibits abortions after five months. He handed Lunsford a piece of paper with information for a clinic in Atlanta, a roughly 180-mile (290-kilometer) drive east.

Lunsford is one of thousands of women in the U.S. who have crossed state lines for an abortion in recent years as states have passed ever stricter laws and as the number of clinics has declined.


Contrary to the assertion here, babies that are born with underdeveloped hearts are not doomed to death. Yes, it requires surgeries and treatment. No, it is not a reason to kill a child under the delusion that you are saving them from suffering.

Here’s a landmark story about a boy with this same condition. He’s now 11 years old.

Ian’s heart had to be reconstructed so the right side could do all of the heart’s work on its own. He would face three major surgeries and a number of other procedures during the first few years of his life.More than a month after he was born and two days before Christmas, Ian was ready to come home.

That procedure has gone on to be used to save many other children. It would have been available to this woman. Instead, she crossed into Georgia and got a late term abortion, completely detached from the reality of what she was doing. In fact, she seemed to complain that she wasn’t able to get the abortion at her hospital back home.

“The procedure itself was probably the least traumatic part of it,” Lunsford said. “If it would have been at my hospital, there would have been a feeling like what I was doing was OK and a reasonable choice.”

Perhaps that’s because what you were doing wasn’t “OK” or a reasonable choice? Just a thought. Her story doesn’t even add up. She claims she didn’t learn she was pregnant until 26 weeks because of a “medical condition.” What condition would that be? Being overweight? Because I can’t think of any other condition that would mask pregnancy for so long and why not just say what the condition is?


Even some liberals who are otherwise pro-choice responded negatively this story. If you read the responses to the AP’s tweet, you’ll see it might actually be a majority of liberals calling this what it is, which is grotesque.

While I’m sure I certainly disagree on abortion with both the people above overall, they demonstrate the overwhelming majority view in America when it comes to late term abortion. There’s a reason it’s only legal in four countries on earth, one of them being the United States.

While this woman’s nonchalant attitude and victim mentality over what she’s done is repulsive, it’s just as repulsive to see mainstream media outlets give puff pieces to this stuff. Elective abortions for birth defects are the kind of thing pioneered in Nazi Germany. Yet, a growing number on the left and those in positions of power within the media are pushing it as normal and acceptable for a free, humane society.

But we’ve reached a place in our society where goodness is bestowed upon shameful, evil activities all in the name of left-wing orthodoxy. I pray this one day stops, and when it does, generations will look back in revulsion at what we allowed to perpetrate.


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