In Hilarious Turn of Events, Vox Employees Walk Out Over Wages After Targeting Steven Crowder

If you’ve been on the internet the past two days, you probably know about Vox’s crusade against Steven Crowder. Carlos Maza, host of a silly show called “Strikethrough,” got his feelings hurt over a few jokes and decided it was his duty to try to banish Crowder from YouTube.


In what’s been a confusing back and forth, YouTube has settled on demonetizing Crowder’s channel until he deletes the link to a “socialism is for figs” t-shirt.

(Steven Crowder Live Streams Update on His Situation As Carlos Maza Keeps Freaking Out)

Today, Vox got a break from going after conservative content creators though, and it wasn’t exactly voluntary.

Writers from the site are even telling people not to click on Vox links.

Other employees at Vox took to Twitter to share their stories of not being paid a living wage (by D.C. and NY standards).


Inject this directly into my veins.

Not only is it hilarious to see Vox taking punches internally after they spent the past two days desperately trying to get Steven Crowder banned from YouTube, but it also exposes an incredible hypocritical that exists at the NBC backed outlet.

Vox is as liberal as it gets. They constantly push the idea of a “living wage” and support Democrat politicians who stump for such policies. They are also an outfit that’s had no problem targeting other companies in the past for supposedly not paying enough.

Yet, here they are paying people $30K a year to work in one of the most expensive cities in the country. It’s your typical “do as I say, not as I do” situation that permeates throughout left-wing politics.

I for one support the full unionization of Vox and all left-wing media outlets. Let them actually have to live under the system they promote and we’ll see how far they get.


In the meantime, Steven Crowder has to be laughing his head off at this turn of events.


Vox has responded to the walkout.



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