WATCH: Ilhan Omar Says 9/11 Was Just an Event Where "Some People Did Something," Plays Victim at CAIR

Ilhan Omar really, really doesn’t like America and she continues to prove it every time she opens her mouth.

At a fundraiser for CAIR, a group with ties to terrorist groups, she described 9/11 in these terms.


“CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar said.

Yes, the issue after 9/11 was the mythical loss of civil liberties of people like Ilhan Omar, not the 3,000 people who died.

She can’t even bring herself to actually describe what happened on 9/11. Instead, she blows it off like someone robbed a gas station. “Some people did something” is all we get from her instead of an acknowledgment of the thousands who died, who killed them, and what ideology drove the act. Omar clearly doesn’t want to mention the relation of Islam to the terrorist attack. In fact, she refuses to even describe it as a terrorist attack.

Worse, she is actually using 9/11, not to mourn the fallen, but to self-servingly spin it as an event leading to her own supposed victimization. It’s a pretty disgusting handling of such a tragedy. It’s also incredibly selfish and self-absorbed. The major issue after 9/11 was not “Islamophobia” or any other made up crisis. In fact, Americans were incredibly restrained given what had just occurred. It was a time to look back on and be proud of how we responded and stood up for our neighbors.


Omar doesn’t see it that way though. She sees 9/11 as just a tool to attack her political enemies. She shows no connection to the dead, nor compassion for their families. Omar only focuses on herself and her narrative. That’s not an accident. She knows exactly what she’s doing and her views are repugnant.

Think of all the times Donald Trump has been eviscerated in the media for failing to properly speak about a solemn event. Now ask yourself why Omar is allowed to say this without a single mainstream media member pushing back.

Hilariously, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes thought her speech was a good time to remind us that Omar is actually a voice for human rights or something.


Omar doesn’t speak out for human rights. She speaks out for regimes she likes and against those she doesn’t. When is the last time Omar criticized Iran? Or the Palestinian Authority? Or Qatar? Or Somalia? The answer is that she’s apparently never spoken out against those countries at all. She’s prone to attack the U.S. at any juncture though.


She speaks in front of groups tied to Hamas, shows no sympathy for American suffering, and rails against the one democracy in the Middle East while seemingly finding no anti-American dictator ever worthy of scorn. Something is off here and it’s time to start asking the tough questions about Ilhan Omar.


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