CNN's Chris Cuomo Interviews an Illegal Immigrant, Doesn't Get the Answer He Was Looking For

Illegal immigration and the crisis at the border continues to top the news as thousands overwhelm CBP due to a lack of resources. We can thank Democrats in Congress for this situation, as they held funding hostage and forced a lowering in the number of beds to house these people.


One of the most outspokenly partisan networks on this topic has been CNN. Jim Acosta has had some of the more noted outbursts, including his hilariously tone-deaf “live shot” from the border wall where he pointed and assured us there’s no crisis. Less than four months later, things have boiled over to the point where not even CNN can deny it anymore.

Enter CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who went to the border a few days ago, no doubt hoping to try to shift the narrative back in their favor.

(You’ll note the sarcasm in this tweet covering the video)

If you watch the video, you’ll hear this exchange (transcript via Townhall).

“Is he here to work or is he here for asylum?” Cuomo asked the translator.

“He wants to work but if he gets asylum he’s willing to get asylum,” the translator told Cuomo.

“Why did he take his kid with him to come here if it’s just to work?” Cuomo asked.

“It’s what you and I were talking about. He says that if he comes here with his son then he’s allowed to stay,” the translator responded.


In other words, this illegal immigrant is knowingly attemping to defraud the asylum system. Not only that, he purposely put his child in danger because he heard that having a child means you are allowed entry into the country.

This is exactly what many have been saying, even as the liberal media obfuscates and lies about the situation. The Flores decision, which forces ICE to release children after 20 days, ensures the existence of catch and release. If ICE sends the children to live with family members, they are accused of separating children from their parents. If they keep them in detention, then they have to release the parents after 20 days with them. They are in a no-win situation.

Because word has gotten to Central America, the asylum system is being completely overrun with fake claims, such as the one seen in the video. Chris Cuomo and his network have routinely insisted that’s not true despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In fact, Cuomo continues to do so, even after having an illegal immigrant tell him to his face that such fraud is happening routinely. Here’s Cuomo showing that he’s a complete hack who has learned absolutely nothing.


His own reporting showed that many asylum seekers are perpetrating a hoax. Yet, he goes right back to the well of demagoguery and denying reality because CNN is nothing but a propaganda outlet at this point.

We didn’t even need Cuomo’s interview to know the vast majority of asylum cases are fraudulent. CNN’s own data shows that over 80% of asylum claims from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are denied. Despite that, they continue to act outraged at the President for speaking in light of these objective facts.

None of this is going to stop until the magnets that draw these fake claims are removed. The asylum system needs reform, the Flores decision needs to be revoked so children can stay with their parents in detention, and CBP needs billions more in funding to have the proper resources to handle the situation. That won’t happen as long as liberal media outlets like CNN keep providing cover for Democratic party politicians who refuse to act.


In the end, they are not helping these people. They are helping the cartels, who make billions on human smuggling, and putting the lives of thousands of children at risk who make the dangerous journey. Enough is enough.


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