AOC Responds to Criticism of Her Fake Southern Black Accent and She's Not Happy

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As reported by fellow RedState writer Sarah Lee, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke in front of the National Action Network yesterday and decided to don the worst fake southern black accent to ever exist.


Now everyone’s favorite freshman congresslady from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has pulled a Hillary Clinton and adopted a “blaccent” — a portmanteau of “black” and “accent” for the tragically unhip out there — while speaking to a room full of African Americans at the National Action Network’s yearly meeting in New York.

Here’s the original 0:45 second clip it’s worth every second you spend watching it. This woman is a national treasure.

As Sarah points out in her piece, this was reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s past pandering.

Before getting to the point AOC’s trying to make (which has problems beyond the delivery), it’s worth remembering that Lady Clinton similarly shifted which syllables she chose to accent while speaking to a Southern audience as a presidential candidate back in 2008.

Now, the new face of the Democratic party has responded and she’s not happy.

Yeah, I’m gonna go with a no on that excuse. Since when do people from the Bronx, especially Hispanics, speak like they just watched a Madea movie? There is essentially no crossover between her normal valley girl, Bronx mashup of an accent and what she sounds like in that video. If you watch the video, you’ll hear her speaking like what most sheltered New Yorkers think southerners sound like. Specifically southern black women. She’s seen elongating the word “like” with a country accent, using the term “ain’t,” and holding out the ends of her statements for effect.


AOC should just be honest about what she was doing and pledge to do better. Instead she deflects by blaming those that criticized her. She complains that every aspect of her life is being weaponized against her, for example. I have two thoughts on that.

One, that’s just politics and part of the job, as distasteful as it can be. Two, if she wanted to be less in the spotlight, she could…stop seeking the spotlight so much. Instead, she’s done everything she can to raise her profile, she’s slandered entire groups of people, she spends all day insulting those who disagree with her, and she’s already made plenty of enemies as a legislator by not respecting others. The fact that people criticize her so often is pretty much wholly her own doing.

With that said, I actually believe her when she says all this bothers her. She seems like a person who wakes up every day and puts on an act. The bombast, the snark, the insults, it all seems forced, although I have no doubt she holds the beliefs she espouses. She strikes me as someone who got too famous, too quickly and is struggling to cope. Her recent Instagram performance, complete with wine chugging and comparing herself to civil rights leaders just came across as unhinged. A person who’d lost touch with reality.

She could remedy that situation by taking a step back, listening more, and changing her approach. I don’t think she’s willing to do that though because her ego won’t let her. If she’s not willing to help herself, she can’t get angry when people react to her behavior.


While I find all of this more funny than harmful, AOC needs to decide whether politics is really her thing. If she wants to be an activist, go be an activist. But if you hold elected office, expect to go through the fire daily and be ready to do so without getting upset about it.


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