Jim Acosta Rushes to Push Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory on Haley's Resignation

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Having taken over the title of biggest media d-bag from Chris Cuomo sometime in early 2017, Jim Acosta continues to add to his resume.


By all accounts and all sources, Nikki Haley’s resignation was her choice and done on excellent terms. It’s perfectly within historical norms for a UN Ambassador to do two years on the job and move on. It’s a crappy job dealing with crappy people. It should surprise no one that someone with the class and grace of Mrs. Haley decided she didn’t want to spend another two years fighting with petty dictators in a useless international organization.

She made her mark and did it well. There was nothing left for her to gain.

Of course, the media can’t just accept that this wasn’t a result of Trump doing something wrong or some other nefarious cause on Haley’s part. So here’s Jim Acosta doing what crappy, biased media members do.

One, the story itself is crap. She did nothing improper and the IG would likely of not even taken up the issue.

Two, “CREW” is a rabidly left-wing, political motivated think-tank that consistently targets Republicans for non-sense reasons. Instead of providing that context, Acosta rushes to push the idea of them making a request as news. A left-wing group making a BS claim against a stand-up public servant like Haley is to be expected, not pushed as relevant.


Obviously, Acosta (being the partisan clown that he is) wants to insinuate that her resignation had something to do with a coming bombshell about use of private planes, i.e. what happened with Scott Pruitt. If you read the responses to his tweet, his fan-boys bought it hook line and sinker as well.

Nikki Haley has more integrity in her little finger than Jim Acosta. You’d think that just once the media would not try to turn a positive, gracious move into something it’s not.

But nah…This is CNN. It’s a garbage network with garbage reporters that deserve to be called such.


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