Mashable's Narrative on Trump and the Twitter Purge Backfires

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I woke up this morning to a news alert from Mashable (my iPhone thinks I care what they publish for some reason) letting me know that Trump (!) had lost over 100k followers on twitter after a purge of locked accounts.


Oh boy, this is gonna be fun.

At Thursday at 3 p.m ET, Jack Dorsey announced that action on the announced Twitter purge had begun.

Just fifteen minutes later, the Twitter account of the United States’ Commander in Chief, @realDonaldTrump, lost at least 100,000 followers.

This is obviously framed to push the idea that Trump’s account is mostly made up of Russian bot followers or something. When you actually read the article, you come to realize that he’s still got 53+ MILLION followers left and the purge barely registered for him.

Ms. Kraus went on to snark that she wonders if Trump dislikes fake accounts as much as he hates fake news. Har Har.

She spoke a little too soon in her glee though. After her initial report, it soon became clear that Trump was actually one of the least affected as a percentage of his followers. Out of 54 million followers, he only lost a total of about 340,000.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama lost2.5 million.

His predecessor Obama was hit even harder, falling by more than 2.5 million followers in the past 24 hours to 101 million followers.


That number is now north of 3 million for Mr. Obama. Despite the headlines all day touting Trump’s loss of followers, it appears he’s actually followed by real, legit humans at a much greater clip than the former President.

Given the unrelenting narrative from the media/left that Trump and only Trump suffers from having illegitimate followers on Twitter and that he’s personally responsible for it via some act of deviance, it’s pretty hilarious to see reality smack them in the face.

Someone should really check on Barack Obama and make sure he’s not a Russian stooge with so many locked and foreign accounts following him.



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