IG Report on Handling of Clinton Investigation Finished, Release Imminent

Things are about to get really complicated for some former FBI and DOJ officials over the coming weeks

There have been hints of how serious Inspector General Michael Horowitz is from his damning summary on Andrew McCabe’s misdeeds at the FBI. I don’t expect him to hold back here as he lays out the FBI/DOJ handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal in much the anticipated IG report.


Per the Washington Post, his work is finished and is in the final draft stages.

The Justice Department inspector general has completed a draft of its report criticizing law enforcement’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe, and current and former officials will begin reviewing the findings this week and lobbying for changes before the report probably becomes public next month, people familiar with the matter said.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz notified lawmakers in a Wednesday letter that the draft report was complete and being made available to the agencies and individuals examined in the probe.

While it probably won’t be released until next month, you can expect leaks of what’s in it to begin over the next week.

It’s being assumed that Horowitz will go hard after James Comey for his handling of the investigation and his decision to elevate himself well outside the scope of his former position’s power.

The report will also likely address Andrew McCabe again, who despite having clear conflicts of interest, chose to not recuse himself until the investigation was all but over.

Whether Horowitz has also found improper behavior within the DOJ to report isn’t known yet, but it’s a good bet he has. If I were speculating, he’ll likely address Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.


The DOJ may also come under fire due to recent reports that they pressured the FBI to back off the Clinton Foundation.

The most open question I have is if he will also criticize the illogical immunity deals given to protect Hillary Clinton’s associates and the kid gloves with which she was treated in her FBI interview. Will he pass judgement on the case itself and speak to a wider conspiracy to protect Mrs. Clinton?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Of course, the Washington Post is worried about what really matters.

It also will probably take aim at others at the FBI and Justice Department, and provide President Trump, a frequent vocal critic of the department and Comey in particular, political ammunition to press his case that law enforcement has been out to get him.

We certainly can’t have that.



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