Democrat Representative Decries "Militarization" of the White House

There are many excellent reasons to oppose how Trump has handled his staff. His brutishness, unprofessional nature, and inability to set a clear hierarchy have led to much self-inflicted chaos. This has led to continual infighting and division among the starkly different factions within the administration. Reince Priebus is just the latest victim in a never ending game of thrones, taken down by the profane rantings of someone who calls himself “The Mooch.”


Enter Gen. John Kelly as the new White House Chief of Staff. Kelly, a former four star General and Marine, has a decorated history of achievement and leadership. He’s a good pick in a White House that almost assuredly will struggle to take advantage of his abilities. Given the unconventional reality of many of Trump’s moves, you’d think the need to go overboard and light one’s hair on fire with crazy conspiracy theories wouldn’t prove necessary.

Rep. Barbara Lee to the public: Hold my beer.

This brilliant deduction has 7,062 retweets and counting.

Being the nice guy that I am, I’ll let Barbara Lee in on a little secret. The President is the “Commander in Chief” of the…gasp…Military. The White House already has supreme authority over all of the US Armed Forces. No former Generals are needed to “militarize” the White House. That “extremist” was also confirmed with 88 votes to lead Homeland Security several months ago.  To add, if we are keeping score of the number of Generals in the White House, this is a lateral move. John Kelly was already there in his cabinet position.


Not to be outdone, everyone’s favorite white guy, Shaun King, got in on the act.

No! Not a “War” General!

This is a continuation of the pearl clutching during the initial transition when it was revealed that three former Generals would serve in Trump’s cabinet. Knowing basic history would elevate their fears. Not only have we had many Generals serve in cabinets, but we’ve had numerous “War” Generals be the actual President. Pro-tip: This does not lead to some kind of militarized Nazi Germany, as theorized in many of the comments to those tweets.

In many ways, this shows a total disrespect for those that have served. The assumption that Generals are just blood thirsty tyrants ready to bring forth a dictatorship has it’s basis in the typical anti-military mindset that so propagates the left in this country. Those fears bear no basis in reality, another common aspect of the liberal mindset. These men are retired, have served with distinction, and deserve to pursue whatever avenues they feel led to. If that includes working in the White House, so be it.


Frankly, Gen. John Kelly is exactly what Trump needs. Do I think it will work out? Not really. Trump’s refusal to step away from people like Scaramucci and his elevation of his children will probably doom Kelly’s effort. Yet, if anyone can at least make an attempt to reign this foolishness in, it’s John Kelly.


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