Elon Musk Savages Woke 'Star Wars' Producer Kathleen Kennedy—'She’s More Deadly Than the Death Star!'

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It’s always fun to check out the social media posts of Elon Musk, the billionaire Twitter/X owner and CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, because you never know what he‘s going to say next, and—even though he has not declared that he is a Republican or a conservative—he’s likely these days to send the woke crowd into paroxysms of whining. 


His latest target is Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, who has turned the once-beloved "Star Wars" franchise into a series of poorly-performing streaming shows and films that emphasize gender politics over, you know, plot and interesting storylines. As we’ve been reporting at RedState, the latest disastrous output—"The Acolyte"—features lesbian witches who procreate by using the Force. I know “Star Wars” is a fantasy, but I’m betting that’s not a thing in any universe.

Musk weighed in with his usual savage humor, liking a post that ripped Kennedy and adding, “She’s more deadly than the Death Star!”

He wasn’t done, however, and on Saturday, he was at it again:

"Kathleen Kennedy is super bigoted against men." Oof. The truth hurts.

Brandon Morse, Brad Slager, and other RedState writers have written extensively on just how bad “The Acolyte” is; here’s a sample:

Think I'll skip this one:

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Kennedy, however, is unapologetic:

Kennedy — who has been president of Lucasfilm since Disney bought the film and production company founded by “Star Wars” creator George Lucas in 2012 — has defended her decision to name Leslye Headland to direct “The Acolyte,” which is currently streaming on Disney+…

Headland, the first woman to create a TV series for the franchise, has sought to make “The Acolyte” more diverse by casting minority actors including Amandla Stenberg, who identified as nonbinary and gay, and Korean star Lee Jung-jae.

The narrative in “The Acolyte” that has raised hackles implies that powerful witches belonging to an all-female coven — led by Mother Aniseya, played by actress Jodie Turner-Smith — used the force to generate female offspring that star as the twin main characters, played by Amandla Stenberg.

Yeah, that sounds like a promising storyline. Not.

Artists should be able to make films about what moves them, and nobody is arguing that LGTBQ topics should be banned; if people want to see such fare, there’s a place for that. Where Kennedy—and Disney as a whole—has failed is by injecting controversial gender theories in almost everything they put out these days. Of course the original “Star Wars” movies had a heavily male fanbase—it had lightsabers, pretty women, dastardly villains, and spaceships; what’s not to like? The problem with the new Disney and Kathleen Kennedy approach is that they imply through their words and actions that there is something wrong with that. 


But there’s not. There is plenty of content out there that draws more female viewers than males—I don’t spend any of my time watching Hallmark movies or “Real Housewives of Whatever”; that fare doesn’t interest me in the slightest, and that’s fine. But imagine if they started a WWE storyline in the latest “Little Women" adaptation (sure to be staring Keira Knightley); that wouldn’t make sense, right? Cut from lovely ladies in their finery discussing their emotions to sweaty men fighting in a cage? I’m guessing that would not be a box-office winner.

Once again, Musk is able to sum up a topic with just a few words. He must be doing something right—he has 188 million followers. It’s posts like these that show the reason why.

Twitter/X under Musk has freed itself from the shackles of its former censorship regime—but that’s not true of all the Big Tech Thought Police. They routinely try to demonetize us, censor us, or shadow-ban our content.

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