'Non-Binary' Star of 'The Acolyte' Has Total Meltdown, Writes Woke 'Diss Track' of Star Wars Fans

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Disney is facing yet another flop in the Star Wars franchise. "The Acolyte," which was released in early June, has faced widespread negative reviews from fans, with just a 14 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (naturally, the leftwing critics loved it, though). 


The show centers on a band of lesbian witches who face discrimination in the galaxy and believe the Force is a "thread." If you're confused, don't worry, so are the rest of us. "The Acolyte" includes some of the worst writing and dialogue ever produced for a major television series.

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If you want a taste of just how bad things are, here's a quick review from The Critical Drinker. 

"The Acolyte" isn't just terrible television, though. It's also hopelessly woke, with "non-binary" actress Amandla Stenberg starring in the series that has been dubbed by the far left as "the gayest Star Wars ever." Naturally, many fans aren't exactly enthused at the direction of a franchise, and for that, they've been labeled racist bigots (because, of course, they have). 

That's how it always goes. The left destroys something that was once beloved and then they attack those who care enough to complain. Rinse and repeat.


On that front, let's just say Stenberg hasn't been taking the criticism very well, and she recently had a total meltdown, writing a "diss track" of her critics. Prepare to read some of the dumbest, most woke lyrics in history. 

“They spinning ‘woke,’ bastardize it and appropriate it. Last I recall, woke was something we created, speak truth to power, keep an eye out for you silly racists,” she says.

“Now they use it to describe anything they threatened by … it was all about people recognizing bigotry, the power of community, not fodder for your clickbait,” she exclaims.

Stenberg also says she has been “taking b***s**t” from her critics for centuries, by virtue of having enslaved ancestors.

“I’m sick and f**king tired of suppressing my rage. 400 years of taking their b***s**t to compartmentalize like my ancestors had to encaged,” she raps.

“If you don’t confront the pain that you live with it’ll manifest as addiction, disease, and hate. I’ve seen the infection repression can give ya, I’m not gonna be the next one sent to an early grave,” she says.

Yeah, I'm sure that'll bring the disillusioned fans back into the fold. What a great decision by Disney to hand hundreds of millions of dollars to a far-left director obsessed with "LGBTQ+ representation" who had zero relevant experience so she could go cast some ultra-woke social justice warrior to crap all over those who have made Star Wars the success it used to be. Absolutely brilliant.


Honestly, Disney deserves this. They deserve to have this crazy "non-binary" actress go insane online and alienate fans of the franchise they are trying to profit from. They were warned. They were told to stop using Star Wars as a vehicle for leftwing ideology and to instead just tell good stories. Instead, they doubled and tripled down on failure. Now, they are reaping the whirlwind. Good. 



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