Liberal Media Pathetically Tries to Convince Us That Hunter Conviction Is a Loss… for Donald Trump

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You knew they’d either ignore Hunter Biden’s conviction on federal gun charges—or spin the narrative into something completely unrecognizable. For the moment, mainstream leftist propaganda media has chosen the latter.


While Hunter’s trial further revealed the sordid underbelly of his former lascivious lifestyle—his poor daughter was unbelievably brought to testify, and his then-lover slash brother’s widow spoke of her descent into crack addiction with the First Son—the press has somehow made this into a loss for the former president and presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump. Wednesday’s headlines:

Yup, you read it correctly, Hunter’s conviction means that Trump’s narrative that the justice system has been weaponized is now debunked, seeing as wild-eyed prosecutors went after the president’s son and aren’t just unleashed against Republicans. But RedState’s Jeff Charles points out that some on the right feel the opposite is true—this trial proves that the DOJ has become weaponized against anyone they don’t like:

'Shouldn't Even Exist': Gun Rights Advocates React to Hunter Biden Verdict in Firearm Case 

Others, like entrepreneur and one-time GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, believe that the trial was a distraction and that Hunter was offered up as a sacrificial lamb


House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) had similar thoughts:

Watters, speaking with Comer on Tuesday night, asked the Kentucky Republican if the president’s son is “taking the fall to save his dad.”

“Well, it sure looks like that,” Comer said on Fox News’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“So, until the Department of Justice takes the real serious crimes into account, justice has not been served,” Comer continued. “If I listed the top 10 crimes the president’s son committed, lying on a gun application would’ve even make the cut.”

Trump for his own part smartly chose not to take a victory lap and gloat; rather he took a more somber approach and pointed out that all this trial did was take the spotlight off the much greater crimes the Biden Crime Family might have been involved with. His national press secretary Karoline Leavitt issued a rather muted statement:


The gaslighting media will try to tell you that this verdict undercuts Trump’s narrative that the legal system has become weaponized by the Dems—but remember, this trial only happened because Judge Maryellen Noreika blew up the ridiculous sweetheart plea deal that the First Son's lawyers had negotiated with the DOJ. None of this changes the fact that the former president has faced a slew of ridiculous politicized prosecutions against him, including his conviction on 34 bogus charges of business records fraud—charges that never would have been filed against anyone else. 

They can try to sell us this false narrative, but folks with brains aren't buying it.  



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