You're FIRED! Portland Voters Hand Soft-on-Crime, Soros-Backed DA His Walking Papers

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Portland, Oregon, is considered one of the wokest cities in the nation, yet even residents there have apparently had enough of watching silently as their metropolis descends into chaos and ruin. On Tuesday, they got rid of their disastrous district attorney Mike Schmidt and handed the job to his tough-on-crime challenger Nathan Vasquez.


Never thought I’d see such sanity from Portland folks:

The tweet continues:

He infamously declined to prosecute the BLM and Antifa riots & allowed crime to flourish in Multanomah County. 

Soros DA Chesa Boudin (San Fran): Out 
Soros DA Kim Gardner (St. Louis): Out 
Soros DA Kim Foxx (Chicago): Out [Is still in office but is not running for reelection]

Although votes are still being counted, Schmidt conceded the race to Vasquez just after 7 pm ET Wednesday as the tally showed the challenger was up an insurmountable 54-45 percent. 

Our nation's cities have been in steep decline in recent years as the anti-police, pro-criminal crowd has held sway while homelessness and a sense of lawlessness have overtaken formerly great burgs like Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and so many more. A huge part of the problem has been district attorneys like LA’s George Gascón, Manthattan’s Alvin Bragg, Philly’s Larry Krasner, and Alameda County’s Pamela Price (currently facing a recall effort), just to name a few. What do they have in common? They all show little compassion for victims of crime, seem to go out of their way to go soft on criminals—and are backed by financier George Soros


Agent of chaos:

Unrepentant: George Soros Vows to Continue Backing Woke Prosecutors Despite the Lives They’ve Ruined

Portland has not been immune to the scourge, and the quality of life in the city has severely deteriorated with the help of the now-fired Schmidt. The soon-to-be out-of-work prosecutor ran on "equity"-based policies and quickly made his mark after winning office in 2020:

Schmidt was elected May 2020 just before the death of George Floyd and the riots that pulverized cities across the country.

He vowed not to prosecute rioters unless there was evidence of 'deliberate property damage, theft, or threat of force, and of 550 cases referred by police just 47 went to trial.

Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of all hard drugs in 2020 and Schmidt raced to implement the measure several months before it took effect statewide.

Under his watch, fatal opioid overdoses surged, almost 800 homeless encampments and open-air drug markets sprang up in the city center, homicides went up, and retail theft caused more than 2,600 businesses to flee. It wasn’t all his fault—the idiotic city council voted to cut $15 million from the police budget in 2020 amid the defund the police movement.

Great work, Mike.

This is welcome news and a sign that Americans may be seeing the light and refusing to put up with such nonsense anymore. What braindead person thought that “defunding the police” would improve things? Or that tolerating crime would achieve “equity” instead of just causing more misery? Hopefully, more and more of these terrible DAs will be kicked to the curb and we can work on getting our cities back.


To use one of my favorite phrases, "Don’t let the door hit you on the way out."


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