Is There a Creepier Newscaster Than MSNBC's Wannabe Poet Lawrence O'Donnell?

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I watch plenty of newscasts and opinion shows (in all my free time), and I’m used to seeing detached-from-reality takes from Whoopi Goldberg and the harridans on "The View," or nonsensical diatribes from Joe Scarborough and wife Mika—an odious pair who are disturbingly obsessed with their Trump hatred despite being extremely tight with the former president just a few years ago—or CNN anchors twisting themselves into pretzels attempting to defend Biden’s indefensible failures.



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But there’s another pundit out there who routinely drops lunatic commentary that makes you think, “How on earth did this guy get hired by a major U.S. news network?" His name is Lawrence O’Donnell, and he works for—you guessed it—MSNBC. I don’t watch him much, I don’t think anyone does, but he’s drawing notice this week by dropping two of the strangest, creepiest monologues you will ever see on your television. (Or for most people these days, on your computer monitor.)

The first was when he described Stormy Daniels arriving in court for Donald Trump’s business records persecution trial, where his comments almost defy description (I will make the attempt anyway), the second was when he went into some weird mystical fantasy about the meanings of the former president’s facial tics. They almost seem inspired by a mushroom high, they’re so weird.

Let’s start with Stormy:

He describes the porn performer whose claim to fame is having often violent sex with an untold number of men and women as if she’s some sort of Goddess-like saint from another galaxy—so pure, so virtuous, someone we should look up to and emulate. He delivers his sermon in quiet, dramatic tones as if he’s witnessed a profound miracle that has affected him deep within his soul. 


His words, however, read like bad poetry written by a middle-school Taylor Swift wannabe. Softcore porn authors like Sunny Hostin and Stacey Abrams might eat this stuff up, but it isn’t exactly Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” O'Donnell sounds rather, ahem, Jeffrey Toobin-level excited himself as he describes the entrance of the all-important porn person in the courtroom:

Well the excitement and anticipation in the room hit a new high. At 10:32 AM. She entered wearing all black, as if on her way to a funeral. The loose fitting plain black clothing draping from her shoulders to her toes suggested the modesty of a nun. [Ha!]

The makeup was minimal. The way she and the other moms and her neighborhoods might look when shopping at the local grocery store. The long blonde hair. Held up with a clip at the back of her head, the way it might be in a utilitarian way. While she was doing dishes or checking one of the horseshoes on her horse [or having a BDSM orgy on camera for money].

Unlike most of the "other moms" O'Donnell refers to, a restraining order was granted against Stormy in 2018 which was filed by her ex-husband—another porn person—who feared for the child's safety as the "actress" wanted to bring the kid on the road with other adult performers and producers. Class acts, the lot of them. 

It’s absolutely revolting stuff, and the truth is the hushed, wannabe poet O’Donnell wouldn’t spare a second for this sleazy human if she weren’t part of the “get Trump” effort. These people will literally sell their souls in their TDS-infected rage to take down the former president.


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But if you think that was something, wait till you watch him opining on Donald Trump’s facial expressions; it plays like bad experimental theater and sounds like an LSD-influenced fantasy:

He obsesses over Trump closing his eyes:

[He] leaves his face, with his eyes closed, in tortured elderly shapes when he drifts off into his closed-eye space, his mouth shifts from its preferred scowl to the look of a collapsing old building. The mouth loses all shape, the lips become unrecognizable by the wrinkled curves that they take under those closed eyes that stay, closed today longer than they have ever stayed closed in that courtroom—more than 10 minutes at a time. The old man sitting there in the defendant's chair—head tilted back to the right, eyes closed—made it look like a trial at a nursing home. 

I mean, what even is this? His “closed-eye space?” Lawrence, you have truly jumped the shark. It's like Bob Dylan lyrics gone bad, written and delivered by someone who has none of his talent.

Not to mention the fact that Trump has proved to be one of the most indefatigable people on the planet, while his opponent Biden has shown to be incapable of making a 14-second video without five edits

We're sadly quite used to seeing absolute silliness emanating from the leftist media, but these two monologues, wow, just wow... They seem to be on a whole different level because they're downright creepy. Even creepier than Joe Biden's obsessive little girl hair sniffing, which is saying something.


This man needs to be put in a padded room. Preferably alongside Keith Olbermann.

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