A Closer Look at Joe Biden Debate Video Is Funny and Shows How Bad He Truly Is

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My colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier about the news that Joe Biden agreed to two debates in June and September. But as she noted the "devil is in the details" and we'll have to see if they can come together on the dates. 


As she also noted, Biden's acceptance was maximum cringe, with Biden trying to act tough, and saying "Make my day, pal," like he thought he was Clint Eastwood rather than a slurring "elderly man with a poor memory." Oh, and the lying about beating Trump in the prior debates was something else when Biden infamously lied about his son's laptop.


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He also wants no live audience, mics cut once the person's time expires and while the other person is talking, only certain news organizations hosting it, and no RFK Jr. 

But there was also something else that was interesting about the Biden acceptance video besides the cringe "tough guy" high schooler antics. Can you see it? 


Just exactly how many edits are in there? He has five edits in there in a 14-second video. He can't even get through a 14-second video without all that help. That shows just how bad he is, he can't even get out more than a sentence without an edit. In a debate, he's not going to be able to look to a teleprompter to give him the answer and to help tell him what to say. 

Plus, he looks so incredibly old, and what the heck is going on with that chin? It seems all swollen and lumpy. 

Is he trying to taunt Trump about the lawfare by saying, "I hear you're free on Wednesdays"? How truly bad is this guy? 

The fact that he's now willing to at least say he will debate is an indication of how desperate he is to shake up the numbers that have been going against him. But if he can't even get through 14 seconds, how is he going to get through a whole debate? Democratic moderators might help him, and the media will doubtless spin for him as best they can. But he's still going to be Joe Biden and there's only so much you can do. And given his restrictions, I wonder if these debates will actually go on. 


People immediately saw the problem with this challenge/acceptance from Biden and let the mocking begin. The response was overwhelming laughter. 


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