DOJ Frees Hunter Investigator David Weiss to Testify Before Congress

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As Republicans on various House continue to investigate Hunter Biden, the Biden Crime Family, the weaponization of government, the testimony of whistleblowers, and more, they’re finally starting to get to talk to the people that matter. As my colleague Nick Arama reported Monday, Hunter’s former pal and business partner Devon Archer is slated to testify next week, and he could have all sorts of beans to spill.


Meanwhile, on Monday, the Department of Justice wrote a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) agreeing to allow U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who led the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden, to testify before Congress.

Assistant Attorney General Carlos Felipe Uriarte wrote the letter, which said:

This responds to your letter to the Attorney General, dated July 21, 2023, expressing continued interest in an individual ongoing criminal investigation and prosecution led by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, David Weiss…The Department is ready to offer U.S. Attorney Weiss to testify shortly after Congress returns from the August district work period…

The House GOP has been trying for a long time to get information out of the DOJ but are usually greeted with obfuscation and delay tactics. They asked Justice back in June for officials to appear for questions:


In June, House Republicans demanded Weiss and more than a dozen federal officials appear before multiple congressional committees for transcribed interviews regarding allegations of politicization and misconduct at their agencies throughout the years-long probe into the president’s son.

The House Oversight Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and House Ways and Means Committee are conducting a joint- investigation into the federal probe into Hunter Biden, and whether prosecutorial decisions were influenced by politics.

Weiss is an especially key witness because most Republicans believe that he soft-pedaled the Hunter investigation and then gave him a sweetheart deal. RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar headlined a story earlier this month, “It Sure Looks Like U.S. Attorney David Weiss Has Been Obstructing the Hunter Biden Investigation.” The more information that comes out, she wrote, the “easier [it is] to believe that Weiss is the one who’s been obstructing the investigation all along, and by extension, obstructing justice.”

It appears that the DOJ is ready for a fight, though, and we can expect Weiss to be vague and say, “I can’t talk about things that are under active investigation” about 1,000 times. While the letter did indicate that Weiss would be made available to testify, it also criticized the hearings:


…we are deeply concerned by any misrepresentations about our work—whether deliberate or arising from misunderstandings—that could unduly harm public confidence in the evenhanded administration of justice, to which we are dedicated. The Department, therefore, reaffirms U.S. Attorney Weiss’s commitment to providing public testimony, consistent with law and Department policy, to protect these principles.

The letter continued in that vein and criticized House members for subpoenaing additional witnesses. “Any attempts at compulsory process are unjustified and premature,” Uriarte wrote. Except that if they don’t subpoena these witnesses, Justice will probably never produce them.

We can’t know if Weiss will divulge any information of value or whether he’ll just rebuff every line of questioning the old, “I can’t comment on that.” Still, it will be fun to watch him get grilled by the likes of Jim Jordan and asked the question everyone wants to know: how did what should have been a routine investigation take five long years and come up with virtually nothing?




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