'Fetus on Board!' Focus on the Family Pro-Life Ad Is Hysterical—yet Profound

Focus on the Family pro-life commercial. (Credit: Focus on the Family)

Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs v Jackson Supreme Court Ruling, which overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade ruling that claimed there was a constitutional right to abortion. On Wednesday, the faith-based pro-life organization Focus on the Family dropped a powerful one-minute video that perfectly encapsulated the hypocrites of the abortion crowd by illustrating how they celebrate life when it’s convenient, but when it’s not, suddenly the baby-to-be becomes just a “fetus.”


The spot, titled “It’s a Baby,” is actually quite funny, although in a deep way. It starts with a worried-looking man looking up as a young woman emerges from the restroom. She is bursting with excitement as she announces, “It’s positive!”

But then comes the zinger: “We’re having a fetus!”

“We’re having a fetus?!” The overjoyed father-to-be exclaims. “WE’RE HAVING A FETUS!” she responds.


The spot continues in that vein, showing various happy expectant couples and their families overjoyed by their pregnancies—but in each instance, they refer to the future baby as a fetus.

The next vignette shows a couple in the hospital watching the ultrasound of their unborn baby. The woman reaches out to touch the screen and lovingly says, “Hi, fetus.”

As several more scenes play out, a female narrator intones:

Focus on the Family would like to remind you that no matter where you are on your pregnancy journey, call it what you want, but the truth does not change.

It’s still a baby.

Other scenes include a pregnant woman with a “fetus on board” t-shirt, two men talking about possible names for a “fetus,” and a joyous grandma opening a card that reads, “We’re having a fetus.”


It finally takes a little girl to point out that the emperor has no clothes. “You want to feel the fetus kick?” her mom asks, holding her pregnant belly. “Um,” the young girl replies. “It’s a baby.” The parents look shocked at the announcement as if they hadn’t truly thought of this before.

The reason why the spot works so well is because it illustrates the mental gymnastics abortion supporters go through in justifying their views. Anyone who’s had a child, or been close to someone who has, knows the drill—first, there’s the excitement of the pregnancy, next, there’s the thrill of seeing the unborn baby on an ultrasound; then there’s the celebration of birth, and possibly celebratory cards and parties. It’s all about celebrating new life and the joy it brings to the parents, relatives, and to the world.

Except when the baby isn’t wanted. Then suddenly, it has no meaning—it’s just a thing, a “fetus.” It’s expendable, worthless, a burden. And yet, in both cases, the baby-to-be is the one constant—its essence remains the same; it’s only the desires of the adults that are different in the two scenarios.


This video is smart and funny, and yet is incredibly powerful in exposing the truth. No matter how much linguistic juggling one goes through, the reality is that behind every fetus that’s aborted is a baby who never got to be born or live a life.


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