James O'Keefe Captures BlackRock Recruiter Saying They 'Run the World' and War in Ukraine 'Is Good for Business'

Jame’s O’Keefe and his O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) are at it again, and this time they’ve posted an undercover video of a recruiter for investment giant BlackRock who makes a number of eye-opening comments—including that senators can be “bought for $10,000,” and that the Ukraine war is “good for business.”


In approximately seven minutes of undercover footage shot in New York City, the recruiter, Serge Varlay, boasts to an unseen woman that he’s a gatekeeper for the world’s largest asset management company and can literally “decide people’s fate[s].” He also says the firm likes to try to stay out of the headlines:

They don’t want to be in the news. They don’t want people to talk about them. They don’t want to be anywhere on the radar.

[Asked why that’s the case, he answers:] I don’t know, but I suspect it’s probably because it’s easier to do things when people aren’t thinking about it.


He then claims that BlackRock and similar companies “run the world”:

You own a little bit of everything and that little bit of everything gives you so much on a yearly basis. You can take this big f***ton of money, and then you can start to buy people.

All of these financial institutions, they buy politicians. Let me tell you, it’s not who the president is—it’s who’s controlling the wallet of the president.

The hedge funds, big banks, and BlackRock. These guys run the world.

Worse still, he claims they can literally purchase  politicians like they’re items at the grocery store:

Campaign financing… Yup, you can buy your candidates. Obviously, we have the system in place. First, there’s the senators. These guys are f***ing cheap. You got ten grand? You can buy a senator.

“I could give you $500k right now, no questions asked. Are you gonna do what needs to be done?”


Asked if BlackRock operates that way, Varlay was clear that the answer was yes:

Everyone does that. It doesn’t matter who wins. They’re in my pocket at this point. 

But he wasn’t done. Turning his focus to Ukraine, he charged that investment companies actually like war:

Ukraine is good for business. You know that, right?

I’ll give you an example. Russia blows up Ukraine’s grain silos. The price of wheat’s gonna go mad up. The Ukrainian economy is tied very largely to the wheat market, [the] global wheat market. Prices of bread, you know, literally everything goes up and down. This is fantastic if you’re trading. Volatility creates opportunity to make a profit.

War is real f***ing good for business.

He also claims that BlackRock can influence global politics and culture because it has large stakes in numerous companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Meta, Target, and Fox. He even says that institutional giants press the media to take sides on a story because they want controversy—no drama, no viewers.

The self-important recruiter did express a hint of suspicion about the undercover reporter, however, while also bragging that his words were probably too heady for regular Americans to understand:

Despite the fact that Varlay literally asked the OMG journalist if she was “undercover” based on the nature of her questioning, Varlay didn’t know he was being recorded when he was sharing his thoughts. He was skeptical of the reporter’s questioning because “normal people don’t give a s***” about these harsh realities. “It’s beyond them,” says Varlay.


One ominous aspect that Varlay didn’t mention is that BlackRock forces companies to comply with its radical Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies and is thus able to foist their extreme social views upon an unwilling America. Would Anheuser-Busch have signed on to such a disastrous marketing policy like its recent partnership with transgender social media personality Dylan Mulvaney if not for pressure from companies like BlackRock?

O’Keefe promises Part Two of this story will drop in the near future; perhaps the subject will come up then.

O’Keefe has done plenty of good work in the past, first with Project Veritas and now with OMG. Regarding this story, however, I’m not sure how much credibility to give this guy, Varlay. He seems boastful and overly concerned with proving his own importance. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on the narrative that he is trying to impress this (what sounds to be) young lady and is hoping for a relationship. (Which, to be fair, seems to be why all O’Keefe subjects spill so much tea.) At one point, he says BlackRock has $20 trillion in assets, but Bloomberg reports that the figure is $9 trillion (still a staggering amount). He also throws out lines like, it’s “exciting when s*** goes wrong” and “the whole thing about domination from a concept is… It’s just so f***ing interesting.”

Um, right. Is he signaling to her that he’s not above a little kink?

This does not mean I discount everything he says, however. Much of it has the ring of truth, and we do know that companies like BlackRock—whose asset values are higher than many third-world countries—have immense power and the ability to shape much of our world.


OMG reached out to BlackRock but received ye old “we will not be commenting at this time” response. I’m very interested to see what transpires in Episode 2, and if Varlay addresses ESG and the firm’s attempts to foist woke politics down the throats of unsuspecting Americans.

Thank goodness there seems to be a never-ending supply of folks willing to impress dates by chatting about their workplaces.

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