Biden's Pride Month Statement Has All the Woke Buzzwords—but Reveals Just How Radical He's Become

As Target, Bud Light, Kohl’s, The North Face, the LA Dodgers, and other companies face backlash and stock market disaster after their divisive “pride” displays and forced fealty to the latest version of the LGBTQIA+ flag, President Joe Biden once again felt the need to weigh in on sexual preference and identity politics.


I never really thought an 80-year-old man who gets creepy around girls (including his own daughter) would be lecturing me about such matters, but here we are.

On Wednesday, the president issued A Proclamation on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Pride Month, 2023 statement. Although the missive uses lofty language condemning intolerance and hate, it also makes some radical, divisive assertions, including that the president supports “gender-affirming care”—an Orwellian euphemism for mutilating surgeries and lifelong hormone treatments—for minors. Throw in his support for allowing—or likely, requiring—that biological boys be allowed to play on girls’ teams, and you’ll see that this kind, inclusive statement is nothing of the sort.

We’ll start with the less controversial stuff:

During Pride Month, we honor a movement that has grown stronger, more vibrant, and more inclusive with every passing year. Pride is a celebration of generations of LGBTQI+ people, who have fought bravely to live openly and authentically. And it is a reminder that we still have generational work to do to ensure that everyone enjoys the full promise of equity, dignity, protection, and freedom.


Ok, I don’t take serious issue with that. I don’t believe in discriminating against anyone, that’s all fine—as long as you leave children out of it. But Biden, like so many progressives, is unable to do so:

Today, our Nation faces another inflection point. In 2023 alone, State and local legislatures have already introduced over 600 hateful laws targeting the LGBTQI+ community. Books about LGBTQI+ people are being banned from libraries. Transgender youth in over a dozen States have had their medically necessary health care banned. … Our hearts are heavy with grief for the loved ones we have lost to anti-LGBTQI+ violence.

Whoa, there’s so much here that is wrong on so many levels. Laws protecting children are “hateful?” Keeping sexualized books away from the kids’ section in a library is bigoted? That’s the kind of thing most of these laws do. He laments lives lost—but fails to even mention the three children and three adults who were tragically gunned down at the Nashville, Tennessee Covenant Church Christian School in March by transgender “man” Audrey Hale.


But the real outrage is that Biden is claiming that “medically necessary” care is being denied to trans youth. Necessary according to who? Not according to millions of people who think that radical, life-altering surgeries should not be performed on minors, especially when they can lead to permanent sterilization and some clear instances of regret.

What if we all had to live with the decisions we made when we were 16 for the rest of our lives? Believe it or not, I was a big Grateful Dead fan when I was a teen—what if I’d gotten a full-body, permanent Jerry Garcia tattoo? Think I’d be happy with that choice now?


Then POTUS moves on to boys playing in girls’ sports. He tries to avoid pointing out that he wants your daughter to be pummeled by a male, but that’s what he’s advocating for:

The Department of Justice is combating laws that target transgender children, and the Departments of Education and Health and Human Services have proposed new rules to protect LGBTQI+ Americans from discrimination in health care, at school, and in sports.

Way to stand up for women, Joe. Did you ever stop to think that University of Kentucky swimming star Riley Gaines (rightly) feels she’s been the victim of discrimination?

Biden goes on to proudly proclaim that he chooses appointees according to their sexual orientation:

This country is stronger and more just when America’s leaders reflect the full diversity of our Nation, so I have appointed a historic number of highly qualified openly LGBTQI+ judges and public servants at all levels of the Federal Government.

Like luggage stealer and member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Sam Brinton, formerly the nation’s nuclear waste chief? But Biden’s not done:

Our Armed Forces are most capable when all patriots can serve their country, so I protected the right of transgender people to once again serve openly in the military.


Recruiting levels are at their lowest levels since the Vietnam War, in no small part because potential soldiers are not interested in being lectured to and forced to participate in things they don’t believe in. Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis agrees, saying at a Memorial Day speech Monday:

I see a lot of emphasis now on political ideologies, things like gender pronouns. I see a lot about things like DEI [diversity, equity and inclusion programs], and I think that that’s caused recruiting to plummet. I think it’s driven off a lot of warriors and I think morale is low.

Biden’s proclamation has all the right buzzwords for the extreme left, but his demands that we all accept radically disfiguring surgeries on children and applaud boys playing against girls show just how radicalized this octogenarian president has become. It’s hard to believe it’s because of his true beliefs, seeing that he voted against gay marriage in 1996 and just two years before that voted to cut off federal funds to schools that teach the acceptance of homosexuality.

No, it’s because he thinks it improves his chances of getting re-elected. I hope that—like Target and Anheuser-Busch—he finds out that the American people are no longer buying what he’s selling. Perhaps this time, pride will goeth before a fall.

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