The Progressive Left Won’t Be Able to Ignore Detransitioners Much Longer

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Transgender ideology has been all the rage on the far left for a few years now. They have been pervasive in the culture, pushing pronouns and generally attempting to shame the rest of us into accepting – and even promoting – transgenderism.

In countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, far-leftists have even gone so far as to use the state to enforce adherence to their ideas regarding gender identity. Those caught using the wrong pronouns or not being sufficiently supportive of transgender ideology are pilloried and punished.

But in America, their machinations have rarely risen above the level of annoyance and ridicule. This changed when it became apparent that progressives were targeting children in schools and medical facilities. Now, there is a growing backlash against attempts to encourage transgenderism among children.

Another outcome of this debate has been the rise of the detransitioner movement, in which people who received medical and surgical treatment – ostensibly to become a member of the opposite sex – ended up regretting their decisions. These folks have gone through the process of transitioning back to their biological sex. More of these people are coming out and telling their stories publicly, much to the chagrin of the pro-trans crowd.

Left-wing politicians and members of the activist media have largely downplayed this phenomenon, pretending that detransitioners are few and far between. Studies claim people rarely regret their decisions to undergo these medical and surgical treatments despite a glaring lack of data. However, the time is quickly approaching when these people will no longer be able to ignore the swelling numbers of those who are detransitioning.

Reuters published a report recently detailing the story of Dr. Kinnon MacKinnon, a 37-year-old transgender male and assistant professor of social work at York University. The professor was originally skeptical of the existence of detransitioners, believing the narrative that they are rare. But he later learned that there were more of these individuals than it seemed.

As a result, he was convinced that medical professionals should provide these individuals the same type of supportive care that they give to those seeking to transition to the opposite sex. He put on a symposium to discuss his findings and to offer a new perspective to his fellow researchers, patients, and their families.

From Reuters:

Not everyone was willing to join the discussion. A Canadian health provider said it couldn’t participate, citing recent threats to hospitals offering youth gender care. An LGBTQ advocacy group refused to promote the event. MacKinnon declined to identify either, telling Reuters he didn’t want to single them out. Later, after he shared his findings on Twitter, a transgender person denounced his work as “transphobia.”

He expected his research would be a hard sell even to many of the 100 or so people from Canada, the United States and elsewhere who accepted his invitation. “I need your help,” he told the crowd that assembled in November in a York University conference room for the daylong session. “My perspectives have changed significantly. But I recognize that for many of you, you may find yourselves feeling much like I did back in 2017 – challenged, apprehensive, maybe fearful.”

It is not surprising that these organizations did not wish to participate or promote the event. Indeed, progressives and members of the transgender community have often rebuked those who chose to detransition, subjecting them to verbal and online abuse.

In Pennsylvania, a school board turned down an offer to have a detransitioner share their story with teachers during a seminar designed to educate members of school staff. But no matter how much they try to conceal these people from the public, their stories are starting to emerge.

There are several reasons why progressives don’t want the public to hear detransitioners’ stories. For starters, they cast doubt on the narrative that putting kids through puberty blockers and subjecting them to irreversible surgeries is beneficial to their mental health. Indeed, the stories of these people show that there are issues with these treatments, especially when performed on minors.

Another issue is that many of these folks were lied to in the lead-up to their decision to transition in the first place. They have told stories detailing how they were deceived by medical professionals and teachers into believing that taking this step would somehow resolve their gender confusion.

This is the last thing the progressive crowd wants. Unfortunately, since the left has been pushing transgenderism among youth for so long, there will likely be even more people who regret their decisions in the years to come. This means there will be even more stories that the left will not be able to ignore or suppress. Sooner or later, the rest of the nation is going to learn the truth.


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