Former Biden Nuclear Waste Chief Sam Brinton Will Undergo Mental Health Evaluation to Avoid Jail Time

Former Biden Administration deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy Sam Brinton, who was caught stealing women’s luggage from multiple airports and then parading around in purloined outfits, has agreed to undergo a mental health evaluation for stealing baggage in Minneapolis—even as he avoids jail time in Las Vegas for a similar crime (as Redstate’s Bonchie reported).


He was relieved of his duties after news of his thefts broke, but as our sister site Townhall exclusively reported, the paychecks kept coming:

Daily Mail details the price the former Energy Department official will have to pay for his sartorial crimes:

Samuel Brinton, 35, who uses they/them pronouns agreed during a remote hearing in Hennepin County [Minnesota] on Monday to participate in a adult diversion program after he was charged for stealing a woman’s suitcase in September containing $2,325 of items from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

As a part of the program, Brinton – who was responsible for nuclear fuel and radioactive waste – will be required to write an apology to the victim, return the stolen items and participate in three days of community service.

Now, I actually like the London-based tabloid publication quoted above, but their article on this subject is almost incomprehensible because the writers have bowed down to the Pronoun Gods. Given that Sam Brinton is non-binary and has chosen “they/theirs” pronouns, the Mail keeps writing things such as (bolding mine):


Brinton had been implicated in a theft inside the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport on September 16, and their photos matched the suspect in the Las Vegas incident.

Wait, whose photos matched the suspect? There was more than one person?

The bastardization of our language has been one of the most pernicious consequences of the woke revolution. “They” and “theirs” are meant to describe the plural in our language—not the singular—but even this age-old grammatical convention has been upended:

Brinton is expected to report to the program later this month, which could see them avoid jail time of up to five years and/or a $10,000 fine.

Again—what? Brinton alone is expected to report, or several people are?

But I digress. The hearing in Minnesota is not the only consequence that the cross-dressing clothes hound has faced for his luggage-looting habit. Brinton was recently given a sweetheart deal in another episode—a suspended sentence of 180 days in prison after pleading ”no contest” to a Las Vegas theft case in which he was also ordered to pay $3,670 to the victim.

Brinton’s crimes may seem petty—not that big a deal—but what if it was your livelihood that was affected?


It’s stunning that this person was put in charge of nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in the Biden administration. He has since been removed from his position, but left unanswered is why he was hired in the first place, and how the heck he ever got a security clearance.

When you imagine the individual overseeing something so hazardous as nuclear waste, you picture a sober-minded, serious official focused on protecting our populace—not a luggage-stealing, flamboyant personality who is more interested in other people’s fashion than he is in nuclear safety.



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