Two Women Rush the Stage at DeSantis Speech, Dragged off by Security

Protesters rush the stage where Ron DeSantis was speaking. (Credit: Citizen Free Press)

Two protesters holding a banner and yelling “Jews Against DeSantis” rushed the stage where Ron DeSantis was speaking at a GOP fundraiser in New Hampshire Friday, momentarily startling the Florida governor, before they were forcibly hauled off by several security guards.


DeSantis was unfazed: “Got to have a little spice in the speech, right?” he quipped. “You have to have a little fun.” He also joked that he wondered who would pay the $150 ticket price for the event just to get kicked out.


Idiots. There, I said it. Here’s another view:

Moments like these can seem silly, almost funny even. Two looney tunes rush the governor; he shrugs it off, no big deal, right? Except that “protests” like these are getting increasingly dangerous. Former New York Representative Lee Zeldin was running for governor in 2022 and was attacked on stage by a man who had a knife. He could have been gravely injured, or worse, killed.

Comedian Dave Chappelle knows that full well. He was attacked and tackled to the ground in May 2022 while performing a comedy routine in L.A.; evidently, the assailant was upset over a trans joke. And we all remember the night of the Slap Heard Round the World when actor Will Smith charged the stage and smacked Chris Rock at the Academy Awards.


Those are some of the stories where everyone survived without serious injury. That sadly wasn’t the case when a gunman shot and killed Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a campaign rally in July 2022. Meanwhile, poor Salman Rushdie, author of “The Satanic Verses,” was attacked on stage and left with horrific injuries as he was set to deliver a lecture. Iran’s rulers thought “Verses” was blasphemous, and had put out a bounty on Rushdie in 1989 as a reward for anyone who would kill him.

The two ladies who stormed DeSantis should face serious consequences—this is not a game. Meanwhile, the governor’s political stature has increased in the past couple of years—he and his staff need to take a long look at the effectiveness of their security operation. DeSantis just signed a law banning abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy, and you know there are many people vehemently opposed to limiting abortion who won’t be afraid to use violence to get their point across.

The protesters may have been inflamed by DeSantis’ refusal to bow down to activists demanding that he condemn Nazi demonstrations that he had nothing to do with. From Daily Mail:


Last year, DeSantis was criticized when he refused to condemn Nazi demonstrations that happened near Orlando. He accused his political opponents of trying to ‘smear me as if I had something to do with it.’

Many Republicans in the state slammed the protests but DeSantis had stayed silent. He claimed his political opponents were trying to ‘use this as some type of political issue,’ adding: ‘We’re not playing their game.’

You probably won’t hear much about this potentially dangerous moment from the mainstream press because it doesn’t fit their narrative. But it was political violence, plain and simple, and should be treated as such.

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