NY Post Unloads on Elite NYC Private School Where Project Veritas Exposed Racist Teacher

Project Veritas posts "The Secret Curriculum" video exposing an assistant principal's hiring discrimination and political bias. (Credit: Project Veritas)

Headline writing is an art form, and the NY Post has long been famous for its punny, arresting takes on the news. (Who can forget such classics as “Huma Cuts off Weiner“?


Writer Miranda Devine or her editors are probably pretty proud of this one: NYC’s Trinity School bares its unholy leftist hate. Why? Because it provokes outrage, makes you want to know more, and also tells you a piece of the story: the venerable $60,000 a year Manhattan school has acted despicably since Project Veritas exposed one its teachers implying that white students should be assassinated. Has the teacher been fired? Nope.

A little background: on September 1, Project Veritas released footage of a Trinity teacher openly (happily) explaining that she and other teachers are “sneaking” their activism in through the cracks and would never allow a Republican on campus if they could help it.

It gets worse though, as the administrator, Jennifer Norris, seems to be advocating that white boys should be killed:

Unfortunately, it’s the white boys who feel very entitled to express their opposite opinions and just push back. There’s a huge contingent of them that are just like horrible. And you’re like, ‘Are you always going to be horrible, or are you just going to be horrible right now?’ I don’t know. I think they need to go…We need to find some like Dexter sort of like a (breaks into laughter)…

A vigilante… taking people out…(more laughter)…

Here’s your list of targets…

Dexter is a Showtime streamer about a serial killer. You make the connection. The comment is at the 1:50 mark:

The head of the school’s board of trustees was forced to put out the kind of banal statement that we’ve unfortunately become so used to: we “categorically denounce the derogatory and antagonistic comments in the recently released video about our white students … [Blah blah blah.] Bias of any kind or the threat of violence toward any person has no place at Trinity School.” Right.


Devine’s anger, though, is not directed at that statement. Rather it’s directed at the school’s initial response:

Why did it take five days and two statements for the school to state the bleeding obvious? You’d think it was a no-brainer to immediately come out and say that Trinity does not share the values of a teacher who thinks white boys should be murdered by a serial killer.

But no, the previous week the school had issued a tone-deaf statement expressing anger — at Project Veritas. The primary complaint was “the reprehensible way Ms. Norris and our school community were targeted,” and that she was recorded “without her knowledge and permission by someone who misrepresented himself.”

Trinity isn’t upset about what’s happening within its hallowed walls—no, they’re just upset that they got caught.

Project Veritas takes a lot of heat for its undercover exposes, and has even been raided by the FBI. We brought you the story of how Veritas recently caught a Connecticut elementary school assistant principal admitting to discriminating against Catholics, being annoyed by parents, and refusing to hire older teachers because they’re “rigid.” That administrator has now been suspended and the matter is under investigation. Devine writes:


We owe Project Veritas for revealing the true nature of woke education — hateful, bigoted, even murderous. But one elite school in Manhattan is a tiny fraction of the problem. People in charge need to be held accountable. This poison is being injected straight into the veins of American children and if it isn’t stopped, the country is lost.

I hear a lot that “woke schools” are not a thing and that conservatives are just making up charges to get a leg up in the culture wars. But time and time again, information from Project Veritas and others is coming out showing that it is happening, and it’s pernicious.

Correction: This post has been updated to note that the New York Daily News printed the 1975 headline, “Ford to City: Drop Dead,” not the NY Post. The reference has been removed.


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