Quadruple-Vaxxed Pfizer CEO Has COVID, Is 'Thankful' for the Shots

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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla tested positive for COVID Monday despite receiving four injections of his company’s vaccine, which was developed with BioNTech. He says he’s experiencing mild symptoms and is taking a course of Paxlovid. Paxlovid, coincidentally made by Pfizer, is an anti-viral that is now used to treat symptoms of the virus.


Bourla was quick to point out that he was “thankful” for the vaccines, which is especially rich considering that he recently revealed that he had to cancel a 2021 trip to Israel due to not being fully vaccinated–with his own product.

Of course he’s thankful for the jabs, and thankful for Paxlovid. Pfizer expects to rake in $32 billion in revenue from vaccines and $22 billion for Paxlovid in 2022. That would put a smile on my face too.

The news comes as First Lady Jill Biden is isolating in a private home in South Carolina after her positive diagnosis. Like Bourla, she was double-vaxxed and double-boosted.

Her office released a statement Tuesday noting that FLOTUS “is only experiencing mild symptoms” and has “been prescribed a course of Paxlovid and, following CDC guidance, will isolate from others for at least five days.” She has not mentioned her illness on her Twitter account as of this time, but we can be sure she’s super-thankful for the vaccines too. It’s become a mantra.


Meanwhile, her husband, President Joe Biden, finally tested negative on August 6 after recovering from his own long bout with COVID. Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci suffered an extended battle with the ‘rona, too, as both he and the president experienced “rebound COVID” after the Paxlovid treatment. Doesn’t really seem like a pandemic of the unvaccinated, does it?

And what are these so-called rare rebound Paxlovid cases? CNBC reports:

Some patients who took Pfizer’s Paxlovid after contracting the coronavirus have reported the same phenomenon: Days after they finished a five-day course of the oral drug and felt better, their Covid symptoms or a positive test result returned…

Roughly 5% of the tens of thousands of Paxlovid users have experienced rebound cases so far, White House Covid response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha said at a news conference last month…

Often easy to forget: neither Paxlovid nor the currently available mRNA vaccines are FDA approved, and both are being used under an emergency use authorization. Bourla thinks they’re great, though, and believes we’ve made great strides in the battle against COVID, tweeting Monday, “I am incredibly grateful for the tireless efforts of my Pfizer colleagues who worked to make vaccines and treatments available for me and people around the world.” Radio host and Outkick founder Clay Travis is less enthusiastic:


As more and more prominent people are getting COVID (sometimes bad bouts of it as in the cases of Joe Biden and Tony Fauci) vaccine critics have heated up their criticisms. Author and COVID vax critic Alex Berenson, recently restored to Twitter after being banned for almost a year, was the most succinct, writing on his Substack in late July:

The mRNA vaccines have failed.

Provably. Indisputably. The risk estimates released by Centers for Disease Control are politicized garbage, based on hospital and state data that intentionally underestimate the number of vaccinated Americans who have been hospitalized or died.

I disagree with Berenson. The mRNA vaccines have been a smashing success. For Pfizer.


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