'SchoolFellas'—Devastating Video Exposes Corruption and Lies of the LA Public Health Department

Brilliant video sums up Barbara Ferrer's failed leadership of LA County Public Health (Credit: Fire Ferrer)

A devastating takedown video appeared on YouTube Monday posted by an account whose aim is clear from its name: Fire Ferrer. The video ties together the many sordid storylines surrounding the LA County Department of Public Health and its director, Dr. Barbara Ferrer. Note that Ferrer is not a medical doctor; instead, she has a Ph.D. in Social Welfare. Despite this lack of qualification, she’s been spearheading LA’s draconian COVID policies for two and a half years now.


RedState has been covering these stories extensively, with Jennifer Van Laar exclusively reporting that a study used by the Department and the CDC was co-authored by none other than Barbara’s daughter, Kaitlin Barnes, who incredibly, is also not a doctor. We also told you how a trio of doctors from  Los Angeles County USC Medical Center directly contradicted the case data Ferrer was using to justify bringing back a mask mandate. (After these revelations and others, Barbara was recently forced to cancel her plans for the new indoor mandate.)

We also brought you the story of Ferrer’s abuse of her own employees, how Board of Supervisor member Sheila Kuehl called those who objected to harming their kids to yet another year of forced masking “snowflake weepies,” and how a lawsuit filed by The Alliance of Los Angeles County Parents has Ferrer dodging and weaving. On Sunday, meanwhile, we reported that a group of USC and UCLA doctors wrote the Health Department in February stating that mask mandates were ineffective and did not slow transmissions of the virus.

It’s one thing to read about all these travesties, but sometimes it’s nice to have a visual as well.


The video’s creator, Fire Ferrer, who also goes by the Twitter handle @NoMoMasksLAUSD, has done a masterful job of telling the slimy backstory of why LA kids are being held hostage far longer than any other place in the US. My wife, a member of the Underground Moms group that has banded together to fight Ferrer’s rule, has been in contact with the creator and can vouch for the care and effort he/she put into sourcing the information in the video. Watch:

This video sums up so much of what has been inflicted on the County of Los Angeles under Barbara’s Reign of Terror. She’s beholden to the teachers’ unions and doesn’t worry about the long-term, negative effects her policies are having on kids. It really is well and truly time to Fire Ferrer.

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