EXCLUSIVE: Underground Moms Group Exposes LA Public Health's Plan to Return to Mandates the County's Own Doctors Say Aren't Needed

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While many areas in the country – even blue areas – are moving forward from COVID hysteria and repeated trips to the COVID gravy train, in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties they’re still partying like it’s 2020.


Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara “Not That Kind of Doctor” Ferrer happily continues to ignore positive data and, well, lie about the numbers to maintain the COVID hysteria. She’s been warning that it’ll be necessary to renew the county’s indoor mask mandate simply due to the number of positive COVID tests, and at this point, that mandate is due to return on July 29. Without citing any actual numbers, Ferrer said in a press conference on July 14:

“Covid is still one of the leading causes of death in L.A. County, Every day when I report out who dies, there are people who die who have no underlying health conditions. So no one should go into a space of saying, ‘I’m not at any risk.’ Because that’s just absolutely not true.”

The woman is a straight-up fraud, as a video of an “internal virtual weekly town hall” of Los Angeles County USC Medical Center (LAC+USC) physicians filmed that same day will clearly illustrate.

We would have never had this information, which ostensibly Ferrer has access to (“the numbers”) without the efforts of an unnamed group of Los Angeles-area moms who are fed up and have decided to show just how much of a fraud she is. They leaked the video of the LAC+USC docs discussing the state of COVID and hospitalizations at LAC+USC. These doctors were mocking the idea that a COVID crisis was occurring in Los Angeles County, and that any hysteria surrounding this was media generated.


Dr. Brad Spellberg, the center’s Chief Medical Officer, spoke first, addressing Ferrer’s “the numbers are going up” mantra:

COVID positive tests have continued to go up, but this isn’t because we’re seeing a ton of people with symptomatic disease getting admitted. We’re seeing a lot of people with mild disease in the urgent care ED who go home and do not get admitted, and of those who are admitted, they’re 90 percent of the time not admitted due to COVID.

When they do go to the ICU, it is not for pneumonia. They are not intubated.

A lot of people have bad colds, is what we’re seeing,


Spellberg also said that severe COVID disease hasn’t been a factor since February and confirmed that they’re seeing electrolyte abnormalities and autoimmune issues related to COVID. According to the CMO:

“It is not the same pandemic as it was, despite the media hype to contrary.”


Epidemiologist Dr. Paul Holtom, speaking second, went even further (emphasis added):

“Maybe we can turn to the media which is trying to burst [our] bubble by talking about yet a new variant that was described in India sweeping the country and now in the United States the numbers will continue to go up, and indeed, the numbers in many areas are going up….

Certainly, if the experience of our hospital is reflective across the county, which I believe it is…we’re just seeing nobody with severe COVID disease. As of this morning, we have no one in the hospital who had pulmonary disease due to COVID. Nobody in the hospital.

I guess it is hard to get a little more excited.

Holtom then directly addresses Ferrer’s attempt to renew the mask mandate, saying that there is no reason to worry about hospitalization-due-to-COVID numbers:

Dr. Barbara Ferrer is expected today based on numbers to probably announce that LA County will go into a mask mandate situation for all indoor and large activities. That’s expected to be announced this afternoon, but we haven’t seen the final numbers that she may or may not choose to act on at that point. But certainly, there is no reason from a hospitalization-due-to-COVID perspective to be worried at this point.

So, why does Ferrer have this need for Angelenos to socially distance and be behind the muzzles again?

Thanks to this video leaking, major damage was done to Ferrer’s current attempt to muzzle the populace, and Ferrer did not like this. So, quick as a flash, Los Angeles County USC Medical Center stepped in to try and rein in the narrative.

LAC+USC tweeted out an unsigned letter on Health Services of Los Angeles letterhead. First, to try and restore the chosen narrative (COVID Bad, Forever Pandemic, Get vaccinated/boosted and wear your mask!), and second, to walk back the doctors’ comments and conclusions.


On behalf of LAC+USC Medical Center, we would like to be very clear: the COVID-19 pandemic remains a very serious public health threat that we must continue to fight with every tool available, including vaccines, masking, social distancing, and treatment. While we are not currently experiencing an increase in ICU admissions at LAC+USC, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of infections among our patients, staff and the communities we serve. Rising rates of infection are extremely concerning, as the more people who become infected, the greater probability that ICU admissions for COVID-19 will rise in the future.

Just like The Minority Report‘s pre-crime prevention, LAC+USC is letting you know that they are all over the pre-COVID prevention, and on top of any crisis, even when the numbers say there is no crisis to be on top of.

Importantly, one of the reasons we are seeing low rates of ICU admission currently is due to high rates of vaccination across Los Angeles County. We would like to underscore the importance of remaining current on vaccinations and using common sense measures to protect against COVID-19 transmission and infection, such as masking and social distancing.

And every new scientific study continues to find that there is no conclusive evidence that mask-wearing does anything but give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, along with some respiratory and speech issues. In her new book, Dr. Birx even admitted she made stuff up on masks and social distancing in order to manipulate the COVID response. Sounds like LAC+USC are following in her footsteps.

Now the unnamed letter writer gets to the heart of the matter — that video that exposed their Medical Industrial Complex fraud.

The video that is being circulated online was taken from an internal weekly virtual town hall meant to provide our staff at LAC+USC an update on COVID-19 hospital admissions.


As was stated during the town hall, many patients are presenting every day to our Urgent Care Clinic and Emergency Department with COVID-19, reflecting extensive community transmission in Los Angeles County. Fortunately, most of these patients have mild disease – at this time – and do not require admission. The widespread vaccination coverage in Los Angeles County is critical to protecting against severe disease, hospitalization, and death.


So, if they’re presenting mild disease and do not require admission, why is there such concern about hospital admissions and ICUs? If the vaccination program is going so well, then any rampant spread of COVID or overwhelming the system should have been eliminated, right?

Talk about contradictory language.

Additionally, as a safety precaution for our staff and our other patients, all admissions to the hospital are tested for COVID, irrespective of the reason for admission. In the course of this testing, we are seeing a steady number of patients return a positive result. This is due to both high community transmission rates in Los Angeles County, as well as the fact that a person who has recovered from COVID-19 can continue to test positive on a PCR test for months, even when they are no longer actively infected.

How many of these tests are false positives? My husband is tested regularly for his work, and he has gotten more than a few positives, then when he tests again, it comes back negative. As far as I can tell, testing has served one purpose: to jack up the number of COVID cases, gin up the hysteria, and keep people in a perpetual state of confusion and fear. Take a gander at my deep dive into Naomi Wolf’s research on this if you don’t believe it.

The LAC+USC letter goes on to compare and contrast the COVID infection peak during the winter of 2020 to now, basically concluding that what the doctors in the video were saying is exactly right. THERE IS NO CRISIS. THERE ARE NO HIGH NUMBERS. THE HOSPITAL IS NOT OVERWHELMED.

But the COVID scolds have to reinforce that safety measures must be employed. Wear your mask. Get your booster. Social distance. Rinse, Repeat.

These facts should not negate the importance of vaccination and other COVID-19 safely measure, nor should they be used to promote baseless political arguments against such measures. Our doctors and nurses have been on the frontlines of the pandemic, many of them making personal sacrifices to ensure we continue to care for all patients even as the numbers rise.

“Baseless political arguments.” Doctors calling out the media hype and hysteria is political? Since when? It is just as dangerous to take away resources from real COVID cases, just because people who are hyped up on fear are coming in to be tested for what turns out to be a bad cold.


Next up is the haughty indignation:

As we have repeatedly stated over the past two and a half years of our weekly town halls, we strongly support public health policies that encourage vigilance and common-sense precautions, like remaining current with vaccinations, social distancing, and wearing a mask in public settings. To use our weekly internal town hall to suggest such measures are unnecessary is fundamentally contrary to our position as a medical center.

You can almost hear Ferrer telling the LAC+USC administration, “Say the line!” Given Dr. Holtom’s final statement on COVID during the town hall meeting, it’s a safe bet he refused to sign his name to it. These doctors are expected by the media and by Ferrer to be in a constant state of worry about COVID, but someone with an actual medical degree (as opposed to Ferrer) in epidemiology is over it:

I’m so tired about not being worried about covid for week after week. The very least we can do is bring up another potential pandemic and get worried about it, because at least that way we have something to be worried about.

Pay no attention to the [wo]man behind the curtain.

A former LAC+USC doctor weighed in and called BS.

Despite there being no scientific or data reason to back her up, Ferrer went ahead and reinstituted the mask mandate on Monday. Good thing this stealth mom’s group’s work was not done. They unearthed a video from April 2022 of the non-science Ferrer basically saying she had a plan to circumvent this lack of cooperation from the medical community.


Ferrer said:

“We have to continue to like, sort of figure out in the absence of having a strong national, or strong state response, how are we going to protect our workers.”

Ahh, so it’s all about “the workers.” The all-powerful unions are still dictating policy. In an even earlier (March 2022) internal Zoom call, Ferrer admits again: It’s all about protection for the Almighty Workers.

Follow the science money.

Right on cue, the two largest school districts in the nation, Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified, fell in lockstep and decided that for Summer school and in the Fall, all children must be masked because… reasons.

When grilled by KUSI News about this new diktat, San Diego USD President Sharon Whitehurst-Payne said that “safety has always been our number one priority for all of our students,” and this, along with the “numbers and calls and concerned emails,” from unnamed individuals “in the community” is why they were returning to masks:

But, what if Los Angeles or San Diego parents don’t want their child in a mask?

According to Whitehurst-Payne, here are the options:

  1. Your child can go to school on ZOOM.
  2. Your child can go pound sand, and not return to school at all.

In other words, sucks to be you!

Is this part of a purge of undesirable students and parents who will mount more lawsuits? LAUSD just recently lost its last one on the vaccine mandates, so maybe they are trying to hedge their bets?


The children’s advocacy group Let Them Breathe filed a lawsuit against SDUSD before, and they’re not afraid to do it again.

It’s only been one day, so we will see how well Los Angeles and San Diego comply with this latest attempt to erode and control individual freedoms and rights for the sake of their blessed Big Labor cronies.

In the meantime, the kids are not alright, and the parents are angry and fed up. Not a good atmosphere to try to continue to gaslight, obfuscate, and try to institute business-as-usual with the mask oppression.

This time, it’s not going to fly. Dr. Ferrer, Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, and the rest of the clown car better have their waders on when the biological waste matter hits the circular wind conductor.

November’s coming.


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