LA Supervisor Kuehl Calls Those Opposed to Potential Mask Mandate 'Snowflake Weepies'

While our betters have shown a stunning lack of compassion for the effects of their policies and edicts since COVID arrived on the scene, powerful Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl took things to new—and lower—depths at the board’s meeting Tuesday. She said she’s heard from critics in opposition to a new mask mandate that may be launched Friday, July 29, and took aim at them:


I’m particularly struck by the blowback from a number, though not a really significant number of sort of, snowflake weepies about how oppressive it is to wear a mask.

Snowflake weepies?! If you’ve ever wondered whether the authorities actually care about you, now you know for sure—they don’t. She further went on to ridiculously compare mask-wearing to donning everyday clothes like shirts and shoes:

I don’t hear them writing me about shoes, which are actually more oppressive to your feet than wearing a mask on your face but we do that really for health or the requirement to wear a shirt when you enter a restaurant.

This is so stupid as to barely warrant a response, but I’ll give one anyway. It’s real simple—shirts and shoes don’t impair your ability to interact with people, breathe safely, or for the very young, learn to read faces. There is ample proof that masks have caused impaired learning, but I don’t need to list a dozen studies and graphs, I can tell you from personal experience. The lockdowns severely impacted my kids, three of whom were sent home from school and college for over a year and a half. Then, when they were finally let back in, they had to be masked up, vaxxed, separated by Plexiglass, never even allowed to see their friends’ or teachers’ faces.

Other people weren’t impressed either:


The measures taken were akin to child abuse, and they took a terrible toll on my children. To hear the cold-blooded “snowflake weepies” response of the childless, octagenarian Sheila Kuehl makes my blood boil.

We’ve seen so much hypocrisy from our leaders, from Gavin Newsom’s visit to the pricey restaurant French Laundry to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s salon visit during lockdowns, that it should come as no surprise that Kuehl is a card-carrying member of the Hypocrites Club. She made national news in 2020 for dining outdoors mere hours after voting to ban outdoor dining at restaurants. Now they’re hoping for Act II.

Kuehl is no stranger to treating her voters like garbage. This is how she responded to a constituent of her own district who wrote her:


Amazingly, this isn’t the first time Kuehl has been downright belligerent to people she’s supposed to represent. You can see why Dr. Houman Hemmati and his daughter in the above video aren’t fans of the former Dobie Gillis star.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer will announce her decision on the mask mandate by Friday. Jennifer Van Laar and RedState have extensively covered Ferrer’s ethically challenged leadership and the corruption endemic to LA County; read about it here. We’ll let you know when her decision becomes public, and I know I speak for a lot of people when I say, I really hope she’s not bringing back forced masking.

I’d like to see our kids fully recover from the last abusive mandate before they hand down a new one.


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