Dem Mega-Donor Feels Betrayed, Goes Nuclear About COVID Vax Safety on Live TV

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Tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch has given over $20 million to the Democrat party, but now he feels betrayed and will no longer donate. Appearing on the Tucker Carlson show Wednesday, he made some startling claims about the COVID mRNA vaccines. Watch:


BRIAN KILMEADE: Steve, when did the Democratic party start going south with you?

STEVE KIRSCH: Well when they violated my trust, Brian. You know they told the agencies, the the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, that these vaccines were safe and effective. And when I started seeing my friends die and be injured, I started looking at the data, there was no question that this vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine ever created by man. It is a thousand times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine, and that’s too unsafe for people to use.

To me, the newsworthy part of this story is not that he’s saying these things; after all, other people have been critical of the COVID vaccines. It’s that he’s saying them this strongly on live, national television. Something like that has been almost unthinkable over the last two years as Big Tech and Big Government have done everything in their power to shut down any viewpoint that is in opposition to Biden, Fauci or the CDC. He continued:

[Wisconsin Senator] Ron Johnson is the only person in Congress who cares at all about the millions of people who are vaccine injured, and my estimates are that there are tens of millions vaccine injured in America. And members of Congress will meet with these people, but they meet with them and 30 minutes later they say, um, they’ll look at their watch, and say gotta go, and that’s the end of it, whereas Ron Johnson has been very consistent about bringing the, this problem to the attention of the American public.


MIT graduate Kirsch is described as a serial entrepreneur worth an estimated $230 million and is perhaps best known for inventing the optical mouse.

Last October, the left-leaning Daily Beast wrote a detailed piece arguing that Kirsch was spreading misinformation and incorrectly basing his claims on data from the Federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database. They also note that Kirsch has paid a tremendous price for his views, as friends have shunned him and corporations have walked away from doing business with him.

Thursday, Kirsch posted a lengthy update to his Fox appearance on Substack, claiming to back up everything he said and betting a million dollars against anyone who could prove him wrong. It would appear that no one has yet taken him up on the $1,000,000 gamble.

My point in sharing this story is not to persuade you one way or the other. Some of Kirsch’s claims, like there are tens of millions of vaccine injuries out there, are pretty bold and one that many experts discount. But if he’s right…

It was an astonishing moment to see on live TV, because it’s pretty rare for any show, even one on Fox, to air something like this. (One exception: Alex Berenson, also a vaccine critic, appears regularly on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Even he, however, does not come out swinging like Kirsch.)


Whether you agree with Kirsch or not, it was surprising to see a national network let him air his viewpoint. If we just hear one side, we get a “forced consensus,” and as podcaster and former author Bret Weinstein says, “that consensus isn’t anything, it’s coercion itself.”


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