Graduate Says 'No, Thanks' to Merrick Garland’s 'Mushy' Harvard Commencement Speech

Michael Reynolds/Pool via AP

It’s not enough that they have to sit through woke classes with Marxist professors attempting to indoctrinate them in leftist ideology. No, students at top universities just wanting to get a degree that will help them get an actual job have to sit through woke commencement speeches on their way to getting that coveted diploma.


But Harvard psychology major Emma Heussner wasn’t having it, choosing to walk out in the middle of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s insufferable speech–instead of listening to his inane drivel.

At Harvard, long considered one of the nation’s most prestigious universities, you get to be inspired by our heavily politicized attorney general. Huessner describes the moment:

By the time Merrick Garland finally started speaking, it was very much — I think he was trying to be inspirational and motivating, as in, ‘You guys are responsible for making the world a better place,'” she said. “But the way it read, was very much like, ‘This country sucks and you guys can fix it.’ “

Garland’s speech focused on the vague “democracy under threat” trope, the imagined “efforts to undermine the right to vote,” and other liberal talking points. Even the Washington Post sounded bored, writing in a headline, “Garland’s mushy speech to Harvard grads does not inspire confidence.”


Inspiring. That’s worth the $76 grand a year right there, right? Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett had this to say about Garland’s speech:

Garland is such a disappointment … He’s no moderate. This is a replay of Joe Biden in the uniform of the attorney general. We’ve heard all of this before. There is nothing new. ‘America is a wreck. Democracy is under threat … January 6 …’ My God. That’s not what you pay all that money for.

The top 100 universities will feature only three prominent conservative commencement speakers, according to Young America’s Foundation. Meanwhile, at least 53 will host liberal talkers, including luminaries such as Nancy Pelosi at Brown, Taylor Swift at NYU, journalist Bob Woodward at Boston University, and Old Joe himself at the University of Delaware.

Imagine slogging through four years of statistics just so you can have Naggin’ Nance yell at you for 45 minutes. Or fly in your entire family to bear witness to your accomplishments, but instead have them subjected to Uncle Joe’s creepy Cornpop stories.

At least these kids are able to attend graduation. As RedState reported, 70 kids in Granada Hills, California, are banned from their high school ceremonies because they didn’t get their shots.


Heussner, the student who walked out on the ceremonies, decided that instead of listening to Garland drone on, as she says in her video, she’d rather be with the important people in her life–her parents:

They’re the ones who were there for me and who supported me — and I didn’t want to be preached to by Merrick Garland, when he was talking a lot of talk but not really walking the walk that he was preaching.

Our nation’s universities have become poisoned with leftist ideology, cancel culture and divisive rhetoric.  Commencement speeches have become the latest battleground, with leftist speakers dominating the stage. At least one student isn’t buying what they’re selling, and as we move forward, let’s hope thousands more follow suit and just walk away.


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