Water Cooler 3/12/2018 - Open Thread - A Few Quickies

I saved up a few links to pass along. A couple have shown up on RedState since I had set them aside earlier this week, so I’m only doing ones I don’t recall seeing here. This is an open thread of course, so please feel free to toss in a few of your recent favorites or weigh in on any of these.


Who is this Beto dude who thinks he can beat Ted Cruz?

He was “Rob” when he was on the rowing team at Columbia. But in getting into politics in El Paso (his dad was a judge BTW) he decided that an old nickname “Beto” would trick Hispanics into thinking he was one of them. In reality he’s a foul-mouthed jerk who’d fit in better in San Francisco than in Texas. Here’s a sampling of some Betoisms I’m sure we’ll get to see a lot more of between now and November.

People who’ve been screwing Chevron got screwed

I’m sure you’ve seen stories in recent years about how Chevron was getting reamed in Ecuador. The day of reckoning has come for one of the lawyers. I’d love to see more of these.

Well whaddya know – here’s another one

A Florida woman who is a giant eco-shakedown artist took a beating. And the company she was trying to shaft could have made it even worse for her. Too bad they didn’t if you ask me.

We’re only talking about Jews, so who cares?

We’ve all seen stories of how the Canadian government loves to crush people who say even the mildest negative thing about Muslims or Islam. Not surprisingly, they ignore anti-Semitic acts so vile even fellow Jew-haters think they crossed a line.


A sweet pro-life story

I may have shared this earlier this year; if so I apologize. I came across it this week while writing a story on our local Christmas parade. This young mom-to-be had to be getting hammered from every angle about why she should get an abortion, but she did not. The result was a beautiful boy who only lived four years but has brought joy to thousands of local kids.

Adoption is pro-life too right?

A kid who graduated from the same high school I did (except 38 years later haha) worked for the past several years to create this half-hour long story of meeting his birth mother, who was moments away from aborting him. You can watch “I Lived on Parker Ave” for free on-line if it strikes your fancy.


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