Bezos Sends Michael Strahan, PR Tool, Into 'Space'

Courtesy of Blue Origin via AP

This morning’s PR charade was another of Bezos’ Shatner-type, staged efforts to convince us that something truly important is going on with this sleepy-eyed cue ball’s latest weak effort to compete with Elon Musk‘s SpaceX success. This is so obviously a Biden-voter effort to self-aggrandize themselves and convince us they have a patriotic agenda.


On a morning when America was quite rightly focused on a horrific swath of our country shredded by a killer tornado; a border that’s slowly but surely sucking the marrow out of its people and quality of life; and the general panic beginning to consume average Americans about how they’ll pay their rent or mortgage, much less luxuries like heating their homes, putting food on their tables, driving to work or seeing a doctor when sick … this was yet another selfish, narcissistic scam by Biden-voters to convince us all, as our vacant President says, “It’s gonna be alright, Honey.” (Nice run-on sentence, eh? I’m writing more of these than ever to describe Biden’s misadventures.)

I, and millions more, am sick of it.

Completely overlooking the fact that this little billionaire’s joyride will result in absolutely nothing but the self-centered gratification of celebrity and super-rich sphincters, Bezos chose former football star Michael Strahan to be the main PR magnet to publicize this singularly unimpressive event. I’m sure as a techie this is a losing effort to catch up to Musk and his unassailable SpaceX. Blue Origin is a non-starter because Bezos doesn’t measure up to Musk in any way, certainly not in brainpower.

Obviously, Strahan was selected for the identity politics’ value–a twisted idea which has led to Candace Owens & Larry Elder being called the worst names possible–but also–Yay!–he’s on Good Morning America (GMA).


Beady-eyed Marxist/pretend-Capitalist Bezos connived that other ginormous media outlets might take their cues from this former, first TV stop for America and run it incessantly. Of course, most other major corporate media were spellbound, even Fox News, ever the unpredictable patriotic, then Marxist channel. Fox went the extra mile by treating us to pathetic Neil Cavuto blathering on like a small child about the magnificence of it all. He then gifted us all with more references to his portly girth; who does that? Get over your fat self Cavuto. Ugh.

I used to like Strahan back before we had a senile President and I was still a New Yorker, but now, I see him clearly for who he always was off-field: a BLM/Antifa-supporting, Biden-voting maniac who, even if he appreciated Trump, would never dare to jeopardize his personal gravy train and be canceled by GMA. Since his coming out as a political scientist and all-around morning know-it-all, Strahan has become omnipresent in our living rooms, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, lecturing us in platitudes about how we must run our lives. When heretofore regular people make this shift, all they become is pains-in-the-asses.

Now, we’ll all have to survive this toothy goon’s constant referencing of Bezos’ sickening waste of money and a clear effort, once again, to distract from the frightening political vivisection of America. They present us with bouquets of spring flowers while sneaking around ruining every single component of our great democracy.


Acting as if this was some “historic” launch was a blatant lie. When anyone with a brain considers that it was the terrifying Obama-Biden regime that thoughtlessly and ruthlessly, closed NASA, laying off more than 20,000 hard-working, technical people, you can see the evil employed here. For more than 50 years, NASA performed all the heavy-lifting so Bezos and Musk could benefit today. And they were destroyed for it. Benghazi or Bergdahl, it wasn’t, but still very damaging to our country. In my estimation, the NASA evisceration by Obama, with Biden wandering around alongside aimlessly, was one of the worst and least publicized scandals of their entire scandal-dripping reign of horrors.

While technically sending a rocket above the Karman line of 54 nautical miles is being in “space,” these six wing-nuts are not astronauts or even space travelers. I’ll call them “space cadets.” A 10-minute cruise to this imaginary line doesn’t make these people John Glenn.

And other than the personal neurotic self-satisfaction and cocktail party story value for six rich people with zero concern for others, this little jaunt will not result in a cure for cancer, a new element of the Periodic Table, or even a product development like Tang or Memory Foam, America and the world at large should give zero … well, not have any interest.

I’m surprised Strahan wouldn’t see how he’s being used. I’m surprised he got a free ride when ABC could’ve paid–and should’ve paid–the reported $28 million the others paid for this ridiculous event. The United Way, Salvation Army, or any number of other worthy causes, could have moved mountains with that money. But in perfect keeping with the greed, stupidity, and phoniness of our precious, little Biden-voting pilot fish, they talk a lot about charity but give little when it comes to delivering on their stated interests. Conservatives have been shown in survey after survey to give much more to charities than limousine Liberals.


And so to end our little story, creepy, Napoleonic cyborg Bezos rides happily off into the sunset, his workers with trusty urine-bottles attached to their belts and sinister media empire spreading Marxism, while Americans finance his luxurious, insignificant, and immoral lifestyle with their robotic purchases through Amazon and their increasingly less-valuable, more disposable dollars.


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