Identity Politics Biting Dems As Harris Allies Bristle Over Possible 'White' Biden Replacement Candidates

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There are not many things Democrats love more than diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). How many times have we had to endure watching some Democrat yammer on about how "our diversity is our strength." However, in light of Joe Biden's disastrous debate performance, Democrats are in a panic. The rest of the country has now seen what consumers of conservative media have witnessed for quite some time, and there is ample talk of replacing Biden on the Democrat ticket. The problem with that, the diversity they love so much may just be coming back to bite them in the form of Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Names in the possible replacement hopper include California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Those in Harris' inner circle say it sends a veiled message from the Democrat party that they are only interested in a "white" candidate.  Two other Governors have also been mentioned as Biden replacements, Gov. J. B. Pritzker (D-IL) and Gov. Josh Shapiro (D-PA). Those close to Harris are speaking out. One stated:

The fact that people keep coming back to this is so offensive to so many of us. They still don’t get that the message you’re saying to people, to this Democratic Party, is, we prefer a white person.

Another said:

“If they think they are going to get through South Carolina bashing an effective and qualified Black woman vice president — their instincts are as bad as I thought they were.”

After the debate, Newsom was one of the first to come out and defend Joe Biden. But as Vice President, Harris was tasked with being his chief defender. She did just that. 

The Joe Biden that I work with every day, is someone who, as I have said, has performed in a way that has been about bringing people into the Oval Office, Republicans and Democrats, to compromise in a way that is extraordinary these days, because it just doesn’t happen, but Joe Biden can make it happen. The Joe Biden I see is someone who goes to our allies around the world and strengthens NATO to the point that there are two new members of NATO, who, just about four years ago, people said, [does] NATO even have a reason for existing? The Joe Biden I know is someone who has delivered 800,000 new manufacturing jobs and [is] bringing manufacturing back to the United States, not shipping jobs out, like Donald Trump did. So, that’s the Joe Biden I know.

The Harris inner circle may be getting as big a dose of reality, just like many Americans who saw Joe Biden's condition for the first time on Thursday night but in a very different way. At the beginning of his presidency, Joe Biden promised a Cabinet that "looks like America." No mention of whether those people would be qualified for the jobs they were nominated for. Unfortunately, that scenario has played out many times throughout Joe Biden's presidency. Black women have traditionally been the Democrats' most loyal voting bloc. The pick of Harris for VP was a payback for that loyalty.

But now, the pick of Harris may not be seen as so much of a thanks, but one of being an insurance policy. My colleague Bonchie pointed out the cold hard truth for Democrats. Kamala Harris is simply not a viable replacement candidate. Her unfavorability numbers are near or lower than Biden's, and she cannot make a public appearance without spewing word salads.  

Democrats are in a DEI pickle of their own making. If the numbers hold, it is not looking good for Joe Biden. If they jettison Joe via the 25th Amendment, Kamala Harris loses to Donald Trump handily. If Democrats leapfrog over Harris, especially for the white guy Newsom, they risk angering and losing even more black voters.  

Democrats are learning the hard way that DEI is great until you actually have to practice it.



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