CAIR Tries to Control Narrative - Sends CA K-12 Parents Script to Combat 'One-Sided' Israel Support

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As the war between Israel and Hamas rages on, and Israel rightly defends itself, another unfortunate aspect of war will begin to be seen —that is the propaganda war. The normal scenario goes something like this: Israel is attacked, usually by Palestinian terror groups like Hamas, then fights back, and then the attackers point to them and proclaim to the world how awful they are for attacking those who provoked the attack. This time, however, it appears that things may be a bit different. The entire world has been shocked and horrified at the images coming out of Israel at the hands of Hamas. But never fear — a Muslim group is stepping up to try to counter those images.


The California chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is offering up some "help" to not just K-12 parents but college students as well. On Tuesday, through a press release, the group offered template letters for parents and students to download and is encouraging them to use the letters to call out any school or university that puts out any statements supporting Israel.  The press release states in part:

In the wake of Israel’s recent assault on Gaza, many schools and universities have recently released one-sided statements of support for Israel that have been emailed to students, families, and community members in their school districts. The schools’ statements fail to acknowledge the dispossession of the Palestinian people under the illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid system or their humanity as they are bombarded and killed by Israeli forces.  

The two template letters, one for K-12 and another for college students, are worded similarly, but both claim that support of Israel is “unbalanced and bias[ed]," and does not recognize “the ongoing and historical suffering and death of Palestinians.” Both letters claim that Israel is keeping Palestinians in "open-air prisons" and participating in a 15-year "siege and blockade" of the Gaza Strip. Both letters also go on to say, in part:


It is essential that your school keep in mind that the Palestinian people have endured decades of dispossession, dehumanization, and annexation under the illegal Israeli occupation and apartheid system. Their humanity should be recognized and respected as they face the devastating consequences of violence, including the recent Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

Both letters briefly mention the current ongoing conflict, stating the obligatory condemnation of violence against civilians, but then quickly devolve into schools and universities needing to “identify the overwhelming hypocrisy” of support for Israel but no past support of Palestinians. No mention of the fact that Israelis have not committed the atrocities that Hamas has.

CAIR is an organization with an interesting past. In 2007, the federal government named them as unindicted co-conspirators in the prosecution of a group called the Holy Land Foundation for providing support to Hamas fighters. CAIR was named as a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates, and in the U.S., federal law enforcement has halted any interaction with the group for fear they would publicly exploit those contacts with the FBI. Further, the founder of the Texas chapter was convicted of money laundering in connection to Hamas terrorism.


But despite their history, in May, the White House announced the "National Strategy to Combat Antisemitism" and, incredibly, named CAIR as one of the groups consulted on the initiative. It was a move that did not sit well with many in the Jewish community, especially given some of CAIR's past statements, like calling Israel an "apartheid state." 

We already know that the education system in America begins indoctrinating children at earlier ages all the time. The fight against things like drag queen shows for elementary schoolchildren is ongoing. Now, however, the Israel-Hamas conflict has allowed groups like CAIR to swoop in and create potential antisemites as well. We also know that if it is happening in California, it may soon be coming to a CAIR chapter near you.



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