GOP and Some Democrats Agree on One Thing - Joe Biden Should Step Aside

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In such a politically divided nation as ours, it is rare when there is some form of agreement. Even more rare is when the reason for the agreement is basically the same. But there is growing agreement among Republicans and a number of Democrats that Joe Biden’s time in office, any office, should come to an end. Many cite his age, and the fact that he would be 86 years old at the end of, God help us, a second term. But what happens if, for whatever reason, Joe Biden decides to end his 2024 presidential campaign? What if Dr. Jill takes Joe by the hand and leads him off into the sunset?


For many Biden faithful, that would be a bad thing because they believe that in a rematch of 2020, Biden beats Donald Trump once again. Not so fast – 2024 conditions are definitely not 2020 conditions. Aside from one poll that has Joe Biden up by a mere 0.1 points, the Harvard-Harris poll has Trump by five points and Rasmussen by six points. Joe Biden now has a record to run on, and while Democrats continue to tell you through their rose-colored glasses, “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes,” Americans know Biden’s record all too well because they live it every day. Forty-year high inflation, never-ending streams of illegal immigrants, and soaring crime rates, no matter how much Democrats try to blame Trump, is Joe Biden’s record. Add to that many states outlawing ballot drop boxes and changes in election laws. At this point, no one would blame Democrats for weighing their options.

If Joe Biden was forced to pack it in somewhere between Election Day and Inauguration Day, that leaves Vice President Kamala Harris. A columnist for The Hill, a self-described Democrat, even puts forth the question of whether or not she is capable of leading the country. Most Democrats are afraid to even whisper the answer to that question. If Republicans manage to take the Senate, would a Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell block a President Harris pick for Vice President? If the answer to that is yes, we might just have to take a third of the nasty things we have said about him back.


Will third-party candidates prove too much for Joe Biden? Some have speculated that Trump could run as an independent, although it is not very likely. He would face many obstacles in getting on the ballot in several states, and then there are “sore loser” laws that make it difficult – or prevent entirely – a candidate’s third-party run if he has lost his own party’s nomination.

But perhaps the best bit of speculation by The Hill (and definitely the most interesting) are other names to fill the hypothetical void on the Democrat Party ticket that Joe Biden would leave behind – names like Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and some popular blue state governors from Wisconsin, Illinois, California, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Wait, what? Democrat speculation for a possible Joe Biden replacement doesn’t include California Gov. Gavin Newsom by name? Could it be that Newsom has prematurely measured the drapes in the Oval Office? That could be a definite possibility, as there is no specific mention of him right up there with Kamala Harris. Perhaps that is a sign that not all Democrats are on board the Newsom train.


So-called “obscure” candidates are also good possibilities as well, according to The Hill, “think of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.” Yeah, we’d rather not. The possibilities list would not be complete without a list of qualified minority candidates. Names like Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA), House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), and even Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas. Just who are we trying to convince that this is the Democrats’ deep bench here? Who is next on the list, Pete Buttigieg?

According to The Hill, Joe Biden passing the baton to the next generation of Democrat leaders would make him a patriot and “cement his legacy.” This may be a clear indication that there are Democrats who are ready to show Joe the door.



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