New Yorkers Weigh in on Trump Case - Can He Get a Fair Trial?

NYC - New York County Supreme Courthouse (Credit: Creative Comments via Flickr)

The latest in the left’s perpetual case of Trump Derangement Syndrome is scheduled to take place Tuesday afternoon in a Manhattan courtroom. Former President Donald Trump will be arraigned on more than 30 counts of business fraud in relation to a payment of $130,000 to adult film star Stormy Daniels, that is being characterized as “hush money” to cover up an alleged affair between Trump and Daniels. Both have since denied any such affair. And while you might think that in an uber-liberal place like New York City, most residents would be gleeful over a Trump mugshot and fingerprinting, not everyone is on board with what many are saying is clearly a political move that could come back to bite Democrats in a big way.


New York area residents from the Bronx to New Jersey had an opinion. Several could see political intent, with the ultimate goal a conviction preventing Trump from running for President in 2024. “I think the government is messing up, and they think this is going to help not get Trump elected again. I think it’s going to backfire,” said one man.

Another agreed saying, “We all know that these indictments are going to be thrown out, they just want to do it for the mug shot and for the gag order.”

But for others, convicting Trump of something was all that matters. One New Yorker stated, “Yes, he’s going to get a fair trial without any doubt. He’s going to be convicted. I don’t think he’s going to do any time in prison, but being convicted is fine, and he’s not going to win reelection.” Still another, who was all in on the indictment, said, “I’m here to greet Donald Trump on hopefully his long ride downtown where he will be arraigned, hopefully convicted and then imprisoned.”

But it was the comments of another New Yorker who said, “According to Trump, he won’t get a fair trial anywhere. He’s guilty as hell. He know’s he’s guilty,” that make one wonder, can Donald Trump get a fair trial in New York? A jury pool in New York City looks something like this. Those who identify or lean Democrat comprise 56 percent, those who identify or lean Republican come in at just 26 percent, and those who do not have a party affiliation at 18 percent. At the state level, Democrat members of Congress outnumber Republicans 15 to 11. The last Republican New Yorkers elected as Governor was George Pataki in 1995.


The Judge presiding over the Trump case is Judge Juan Merchan. He was appointed to the Family Court by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2006, and in 2009, was appointed to be an acting Justice in New York’s Supreme Court (their trial court level) where he has mainly presided over felony criminal cases. But in an interesting twist, and what might appear to some as a possible conflict of interest, and even an impediment to a fair trial, Judge Merchan was the Judge in the trial of former Trump Organization CEO Allen Weisselberg, and in the Steve Bannon fraud case involving the “We Build the Wall” fundraising organization.

But while Democrats and the left may get the indictment they have been craving for years, it may come with something they weren’t quite expecting. Trump spokesman Jason Miller tweeted on Tuesday that the Trump campaign has received over $8 million since the announcement of the former President’s indictment. Imagine the campaign donations T-shirts, hats, and coffee mugs emblazoned with a Trump mugshot will bring. That New York resident who said he thought the government “messed up,” could be on to something.



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