Murkowski Deserves Credit for Side-Stepping NBC News' Gotcha Question on 'Unidentified Object' Shot Down in Alaska

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

As we wrote previously, on Friday the U.S. shot down an “unidentified object” in American airspace over Alaska, after officials became aware of it on Thursday.


Now in a new exclusive interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) had a few things to say about the “high-altitude object” shot down in her state.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said the U.S. needs to send a “clear and unequivocable” message that it will not tolerate incursions into its airspace, after a second “high-altitude object” was shot down over Alaska on Friday.

“The first line of defense, again, is Alaska,” Murkowski said in an interview with NBC News on Friday. “If it comes into Alaska airspace, if it comes over Alaska waters, we need to act. We need to send the message and we need to be clear and unequivocable that we don’t tolerate this, period.”

The senator confirmed that before the interview, she had received a “classified brief” by a general who leads “the Alaska Command.”

Then Holt seemed to throw out a gotcha question, by prompting Murkowski to praise the Biden Administration for how it handled this situation, in contrast with the Chinese spy balloon that the White House allowed to hover across the entire country for a week before shooting it down.

After bringing up how unhappy Republicans were about that, the host said: “Are you satisfied with how today’s object was handled?”


But instead of giving the lapdog media what it hoped–a cudgel to beat other Republicans senseless with–Murkowski decided to side-step the question. She said:

I think there was a level of precision and identification that was necessary and important to successfully take down this unidentified object.

I understand that we’re perhaps dealing with different entities here, between the high-altitude balloon and what was taken down.

But again, what you have is a threat to our sovereignty.

This is good to see, and she deserves credit for not taking the easy way out–something readers are very familiar with establishment GOP types doing in mainstream outlet interviews. Could it be that even they are wising up to the Left’s tactics? It would be optimistic to think so, but when we have what appears to be a spate of unexplained “unidentified objects” flying around, there’s nothing wrong with taking some small solace from something like this.


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