Keanu Reeves Secures Restraining Order Against Stalker Who Allegedly Slept Outside His LA Home

Matt Sayles

In a previous article, I shared about the nasty comments actor Matthew Perry made (then apologized for) in a memoir the former “Friends” star wrote about the entertainment industry and his travails with drug addiction. The unlikely target of Perry’s ire was his fellow actor Keanu Reeves, who is known as being truly giving and maybe the nicest person in Hollywood.


But it’s one thing for someone to make nasty references about you in their tell-all book, and another to gain the attention of someone who might have more dangerous motives like in this new story. Reeves just went to court to get protection from an alleged stalker–and some of the details are truly creepy stuff.

KABC reports that the actor sought a restraining order after a man allegedly trespassed repeatedly on  his Los Angeles-area property.

The “John Wick” star says 38-year-old Bryan Keith Dixon came uninvited, trespassed onto his property and tried to contact him.

According to court documents obtained by Eyewitness News, Reeves says there have been several recent incidents at his L.A. County home.

Reeves’ attorney submitted home security camera photos to the court showing the alleged stalker on his property.

In the documents, Reeves says Dixon visited his home not just once or twice, but six times between November 2022 and January 2023.

The Hollywood Reporter:

The [restraining] order describes the individual as a transient stranger with no permanent residence, but who has “engaged in an ongoing course of alarming and harassing/threatening conduct” since November 2022. The petition, which was filed on behalf of Reeves and also protects his partner, notes that the actor has suffered substantial distress since the stalking and harassment began.

While there have been no previous court cases involving Reeves and his alleged stalker, the individual has a previous criminal history spanning 20 years.

That includes convictions related to assault, drug possession and larceny, as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in Rhode Island. Additional charges in an ongoing 2022 case unrelated to Reeves include breaking and entering with felonious intent and possessing burglary tools.


Not someone you would want hanging around your neighborhood, much less trying to gain access to your home. But as I mentioned, the details of the man’s alleged behavior are bizarre. According to the Hollywood Reporter, signs of Dixon’s obsession with the actor became apparent online, in Facebook posts “dating back to August 2022,” which were part of the filing for the order:

While all the posts are described in the petition as incoherent, one in particular sees the individual calling themselves Jasper Keith Reeves. Another claims they would sign their rights over to the actor and only he would “be in charge” of them.

Then, he allegedly began coming to Reeves’ home in November–one time, even sleeping in his backyard:

During his initial appearance, he attempted to gain entry into the home before being found asleep in the actor’s backyard. The next day, around 12 hours later, he returned, leaving a “suspicious and alarming backpack on Mr. Reeves’ property” containing several items including a “bizarre” note and a DNA testing kit, which the individual allegedly intended to use to prove he and the actor are related. In January, this person returned to Reeves’ property multiple times, and at one point scaled a fence to access his home.

Thankfully, it was at this point that authorities advised Reeves to seek a restraining order against Dixon. You’ve got to hope that this twisted story ends here, and Keanu Reeves can put this disturbing episode behind him. And if the man did what’s alleged in the court order, then hopefully, he can receive the peace of mind and care he needs, as well.



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