WATCH: Sen. Mike Lee Lauds the Founders' Intent to Rein in Big Gov't on Constitution Day

Jim Urquhart

Granted, there are many fake holidays out there, usually accompanied by a Google doodle or internet-wide demonstrations of fealty to some special or progressive constituency or other. But Saturday is not one of those holidays. It’s Constitution Day, America!


The National Archives shares a brief explanation of Constitution Day on its website; It’s meant to “commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution in Philadelphia on September 17, 1787.” But along with that is a ponderous, 30-plus minute presentation of the swearing-in of new American citizens in the Archive’s august Rotunda, back in 2019

Readers, I have a better–and quicker–idea on how you can celebrate it.

In a brisk video shared to his Twitters account (it clocks in at two minutes-and-change), Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) gives a compelling explanation of our Founders’ genius in crafting a document that reins in the worst actions of big government–or is supposed to.



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